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Tissue Salts 101: Ferrum Phos, Mag Phos, Silica

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

The rogue tissue salts, those who don’t quite have their own group but hold a great weight of importance in homeopathic health: Ferrum Phosphate, Magnesium Phosphate, and Silica.

I love Ferrum Phos for its contribution to cold and flu, it's the first one I grab anytime I feel something coming on - when there are no distinct symptoms as of yet. And as descendent of a long line of women with iron deficiency, I take it regularly to help my body absorb the iron I consume (along with regular blood tests and supplementation if I need it).

Mag Phos doesn't ever run out in my house because of it's incomparable ability to relieve pains of all sorts - cramps, spasms, muscle aches, headaches. It's also one of the only homeopathic remedies I will put in hot water, which seems to boost the relaxing qualities (especially in menstrual cramps).

Silica is one that many, many patients need in the beginning stages of treatment. When their stamina is lacking, they are sick all the time, can't seem to muster up the energy to function.

As in the last post, we will look at each salt as follows:

  • Main focus: the organ systems/tissues it contributes to

  • Action: what the tissue salt does in the body

  • Mental/Emotional State: common mental states that may be a sign you need it

  • Called for: the conditions in which the salt is called for.


1. Ferrum Phos

  • This anti-inflammatory salt is the best for first aid: the first signs of cold, flu, fever, injury, non-descript ailments. As an iron based remedy, it is excellent for strengthening the walls of blood vessels, support the distribution of oxygen-rich blood to cells, and activating many important processes in the body. Kick starting the process of healing makes it invaluable in the first stages of inflammation and first aid in general (Second stage: Kali Mur, Third stage: Kali Sulph – great to combine all three for acute inflammations).

Ferrum Phos: Where there is throbbing and inflammation, for the first stages of colds.

Main Focus: Blood & circulation, head.

Action: Anti-infection and anti-inflammatory.

Mental/Emotional State: Forgetful, irritable, dizzy, despondent, tired, insomnia.

Called for:

  • Circulation: Strengthen the walls of the blood cells, low blood pressure, anemia (under supervision), ailments from blood loss, palpitations, nose bleeds, flushed face/fever, poor circulation.

  • Head: dizziness, fainting, nose bleeds, throbbing headaches, fever, first stage of any illness/injury.

  • Earaches where outer ear is red.

  • Eyes bloodshot, first stages of pink eye, as it sand is in the eye.

  • Teething, inflamed gums, for tooth ache and tooth extractions.

  • Respiratory: first signs of sore throat/bronchitis/tonsillitis, clear streaming nose, great lung remedy as it improves the circulation of oxygen in the body (runners!)

Female: Irregular menses with heavy bleeding, morning sickness, hot flashes with swollen hands and feet.


2. Mag Phos

  • The best pain reliever and antispasmodic. Mag Phos is found especially in the nerves and the muscles and is great for relieving cramps, shooting pains, nerve pains and anything that involves tension. These pains are often relieved by heat.

Mag Phos Image: Where muscles cramp, nerves spasm, and pain aches.

Main Focus: Nerves, Muscles, Blood, Teeth and Bones

Action: Anti-spasmodic, pain reliever, nerve/muscle relaxant

Mental/Emotional State: Sensitive, restless/pacing/impulsive, insomnia from brain exhaustion, dizzy/forgetfulness.

Called For:

  • Head: Nerve headaches over the eye, stabbing pain, as if a band is around the head. Stabbing tooth pain, facial neuralgia, whiplash.

  • Eyes: sparks/flashes/blurring before a migraine, headache from squinting, twitching eyelid.

  • Ears: deafness from anxiety

  • Female: menstrual cramps (dilute 4 pellets in warm water and sip slowly).

  • Skeletal: sciatic nerve pain, hand cramps (writers, carpenters…), acute carpal tunnel pain, sharp rheumatic pains. Any pains relieved by heat, massage and/or pressure.

Digestive: spasms, cramps, colitis, IBS, heartburn, colic, nausea.


3. Silica

  • This tissue salt is the cell cleanser and energy manager. The body has somehow lost the ability to heal, repair, and cleanse efficiently - which leads to lack of stamina, slow healing injuries, lack of confidence and general fatigue. A great remedy for anyone entering the “golden years” feeling like things are slowing down.

Silica: for lack of stamina and grit, weak hair, skin, and nails.

Main Focus: Hair, nails, bones, blood, nerves, membranes.

Action: Firms up tissues, affects mineralization, cleanses cells, absorbs waste, hastens pus formation

Mental/Emotional State: Shy, timid, lack of grit, low self-confidence, concerned about their energy, slow in development, learning disabilities, short energy expenditure range. Anxiety about aging in the elderly (about money, abilities, memory loss…)

Called For:

  • Head: Promotes hair growth, treats dandruff, falling hair, chronic headaches with pounding.

  • Eyes: styes, red eyelids, early stages of cataracts.

  • Mouth: Ulcerations in the mouth, bad breath.

  • Skin: Boils/abscesses, acne that doesn’t come to a head. Sweaty hands/feet/armpits that burn through socks/stains yellow. For cuts that always scar, splinters that don’t come out, keloids, swollen glands, hard warts, fibromas.

  • Children: A great remedy for children who seem to always get ear/eye infections, are picky eaters, very refined and aristocratic, can help with bedwetting.

  • Skeletal: to help build bones after a fracture, dental abscesses, scoliosis, weak spine/bones, fatigue and weariness of limbs. Bunions, wear nails, ingrown nails. Tremors, cramps in the feet and calves (pair with Mag Phos).


Want to learn more?

Dive deep into how to use homeopathy and tissue salts for acute conditions through my courses Homeopathy at Home and Tissue Salts 101 (or bundle them here!)

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments or send me an email.

Happy healing,


As always, tissue salts and homeopathic remedies are safe to use acutely and alongside other medications. If you have a pre-existing condition, it’s always a good idea to consult with your homeopath and medical professional before starting a new regimen.

I'm Paula, Homeopath and Hypnotherapist. I help individuals reconnect with their body's innate wisdom so that they can support themselves as they heal and grow beyond their chronic symptoms.


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