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Homeopathic Nervous System Support for the Holidays

The holidays can be a bustling, busy time - especially for the nervous system. Luckily we have many tools to support us, including homeopathy! In this blog post you'll find all my favourite remedies to support you through the grief, the parties, the overstimulation, the anxiety, and the emotions that come with the holiday season.

Remedies in this blog:

  • Ignatia - for grief and disappointment

  • Staphysagria - for grief and anger, setting boundaries

  • Phosphoric Acid - for grief

  • Nux Vomica - for overindulgence

  • Coffea Cruda - for sleeplessness and overstimulation

  • Chamomilla - for anger, pain, and overstimulation

  • Gelsemium - for anticipatory anxiety

  • Sepia - for overwhelm and burnout

  • Kali Phos - for stress and generally taxed nervous systems

  • Aconite - for anxiety and fright

  • Arsenicum - for anxiety and excessive control

For the Griever:

Ignatia give you an internal hug when you feel overwhelmed with grief. May be weepy with lots of sighing, sensation of a lump in the throat or headaches.

Staphysagria tames the feelings of indignation, the “why me?”, and helps integrate or release the anger toward how things are. Keep in mind after Staph sometimes we need to realease that anger - punch a pillow, go for a walk, shake it out, scream, take what you need.

Phosphoric acid brings vitality to a grieving soul who is extremely weak, headachey, and drained by the loss and disappointment.

For the Overstimulated Partier:

Nux Vomica means you can have your cake and eat it too, soothing all those hangover-like symptoms from any kind of overindulgence - from too much food, alcohol, treats, or even staying up too late or working too hard. Headaches, irritability, nausea, constipation, indigestion, wired & tired is indicative of nux vomica.

Coffea Cruda helps you sleep when your nervous system is stuck in “on mode”, too full of joy to close your eyes! Great for kids on Christmas eve or after a joyful day when you're still buzzing like you downed an espresso. Coffea may also have headaches, toothaches, or nerve pain.

Chamomilla soothes frayed nerves that are hypersensitive to everything. They become angry with pain, reactive, and easily overwhelmed. Great for kids who have stayed up past bed time and are crashing hard and fast.

For the High Expectations

Nux Vomica if the ambition is so strong that personal needs get cast aside. Watch for those hangover-like symptoms and irritability, as listed above! Awake at 3am thinking about to do lists.

Gelsemium quells those anticipatory nerves, from the host who wants it all to go perfect to the guest who's dreading the party and just hopes it all goes okay - anxious, nauseous, trembling, may have diarrhea too.

Ignatia can soothe any disappointment that may come from out of this world expectations - again, the homeopathic hug.

For the Overwhelmed

Sepia is over it before it begins, she’s burnt out by the demands of motherhood and hosting, by party time she’s ready for bed. May have heaviness, desire to be alone, irritability, anger, or hormonal symptoms.

Kali Phos has been planning and prepping and checking their list twice, ailments from mental stress is its indicator - a dose will soothe the nervous system. Great for insomnia from stress!

Staphysagria might help you say no if you’re starting to feel that resentment of doing everything for everyone - who’s filling your stocking? Great for swallowed emotions (especially anger) and any symptoms that come on from that.

For the Anxious One:

Aconite soothes fear and fright, anxiety with palpitations and panic attacks, in extremes theres a fear of death - also great for fevers from cold winds!

Gelsemium will help you tap into your strength when the anticipatory anxiety has you wanting to hide (and get to a toilet!).

Arsenicum will help you let go of control when you’re holding on so tight you cant enjoy, there may also be fear of disease, germs, or worrying about finances!

Dosage: I always start with a single dose of 30 or 200c, then evaluate the response. If no change or improvement followed by relapse, repeat the dose. Repetition may be required as long as the remedy feels supportive. Stop if there is no change after 3 doses.

For chronic complaints, work with a Homeopath to get to the root of the issue - remember, there are thousands of homeopathic remedies, this is just a small glimpse into what homeopathy can do!

To learn more about the nervous system and remedies for support, check out my course Homeopathy for Mental Health, co-facilitated by myself and Jenna Hamm!

Please note this blog does not replace medical advice and is for educational purposes only.


I'm Paula, Homeopath and Hypnotherapist. I help individuals reconnect with their body's innate wisdom so that they can support themselves as they heal and grow beyond their chronic symptoms.


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