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Welcome! I'm Paula.

I'm passionate about helping individuals reconnect with their body's innate wisdom, learn from their mind body connection, and honour their needs so they can heal and grow into the a life they love.

Growing up I always loved putting things together. Lego, furniture, barbecues, setting up new electronics. I love taking pieces and figuring out how they fit, how they connect. As a practitioner, I bring this superpower to the table: I help you take the pieces of your health, symptoms, and life experiences and put them together in a way that makes sense.

Drawing from both my personal healing journey and professional experience, I help you transform the way you understand dis-ease, so that healing can become a collaborative journey between you and your symptoms.

My role in our relationship is to empower you as you reconnect with your body. I hold the light for you and help you shift your perspective of health. No restriction or one-size-fits-all approaches - we take a holistic approach, treating you as an individual first.

Using Homeopathy and the principles of Hypnotherapy and Human Design, I support individuals who are navigating a chronic illness that has pulled them away from who they believe they can be. I believe that your body is telling you exactly what it needs and I want to help you tap into that wisdom. No more searching for solutions, you have all that you need.


When I'm not talking about homeopathy, you'll find me picking up creative hobbies, reading fiction books, or hanging out with my partner Tyler and our miniature dachshund Charleston! We spend our days camping, hiking, cooking, watching sunsets and sitcoms, and crushing Bananagrams (or any other boardgames - open to suggestions!).


Intuitive Homeopathy with Dr. Angelica Lemke 2022

Leap to Similimum - Dr. Divya Chhabra 2021

Comparative Homeopathic Psychology - Dr. Philip Bailey 2020

Centre for Integrative Hypnosis - Integrative Hypnosis (8-Day Intensive) 2020

Manitoba Hypnotherapists Association - Certificate of Hypnotherapy 2020

ASIST Training 2018

Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine - Diploma of Homeopathy and Health Sciences 2017

University of Winnipeg - BA Psychology 2014

Paula is a member of good standing with both the Manitoba Homeopathic Association (MHA #1702) and the Manitoba Hypnotherapists Association (MHA #2003)

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