Paula Jeffrey

I'm so glad you're here.

I am a homeopath and hypnotherapist committed to helping you live the life you love.

I spent years hiding myself from the joy of life because of anxiety (and lactose intolerance). The more I searched for others to heal me, the quicker I realized the answer was within me - only I knew what I needed, only my body could heal me.

I want to guide you in the same.

I focus on building self-awareness by exploring the mind-body connection. I listen, I connect, I ask. Then we use these insights to heal through homeopathy, hypnotherapy, and your unique needs.

Our body knows exactly what it needs to heal.


And it talks to us everyday through symptoms - but sometimes we struggle to listen...or translate.

That's where I come in - homeopath and hypnotherapist with a passion for puzzles.

My job is to connect the dots of your symptoms, uncover your limiting beliefs, witness the best parts of you, and nourish your authentic self. From there, we work together on a path of healing; without diets or reliance on will-power.

True healing is not rooted in restriction.

I believe in the best version of you, with the body and mind to empower.

So when health gets in the way of doing what you love, let's connect.


Click here to learn how we can work together to bring you better, balanced health - I can't wait to see you thrive!


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