Welcome! Here's my story.


I’m Paula, your guide to the subconscious mind.

My mission is to help each individual nurture their self-awareness so they can step confidently into who they are. I believe that your authentic self is inherently whole, but may have been covered up and hidden by the process of growing up. I want to hold the lantern that guides you through those layers, rewriting the stories of your subconscious mind so they empower you.

I grew up in Winnipeg, MB, #3 of four kids. From the beginning, I remember being a quiet observer. I loved sitting with the adults absorbing conversations, reflecting, and absorbing nuances. I loved seeing what my siblings we're doing, seeing how each person was different in their own way. I was a quiet kid, often labelled shy, which turned my cheeks pink every single time.

That label turned into "anxiety" and began to shape my social experiences around grade seven. I went through my school years compounding the belief that quiet was bad. I was anxious and I had to manage the way people saw me.

As I hit university age, I started to see that maybe quiet wasn't so bad. I recall reading the book "Quiet" by Susan Cain and thinking, "huh, maybe I'm not defective". Maybe I was trying to fit into a world that wasn't for me and the answer wasn't to get louder - it was to see my quiet in a new light.

So I embarked on a journey of self-exploration and I began to transform these beliefs I had about myself - these beliefs that we're holding me back in order to keep me safe. I leaned on EMDR, talk therapy, journalling, tarot, self-awareness, and time. I've learned that my quiet gives off calming energy. It makes me curious and observant, I see things others don't. My quiet helps me listen closely and has made me compassionate - towards myself and others.

Now, I wish I could say I'm completely healed and scream from the rooftops "I've got it all figured out!" and that's why you should work with me...but I don't believe in that.

I believe that we're all a work in progress. I believe that life is an active practice of balancing the dark and the light, not healing it. I believe that our life purpose is growth and that making that process curious and compassionate leads to fulfillment. I believe in exploring the stories of the subconscious mind so that we can evolve with awareness. 

My journey has created a foundation for the way I support you. I know that you are an individual, that your stories are completely unique & your healing will be too. I know that you need a safe space to explore your stories and a guide that will both follow and lead. I know that you have your own timeline, your own process, and your own authentic needs, so I'll meet you where you are.

I am here to guide with curiosity and compassion so you can transform the stories of your subconscious mind. You bring the stories and I'll bring my quiet to help you see things in new ways.

When you're ready to get curious, I'll be here.

Love, Paula


Pictured below is my partner Tyler and our miniature dachshund Charleston. You'll often find me exploring with them, wandering in nature, camping, being alone-together on the couch, or cooking delicious food. On my own, I love reading fiction, baking, knitting, exploring my own mind, tending to my plants, and playing with new hobbies!





Paula studied psychology at the University of Winnipeg followed by Homeopathy at the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine. Paula then completed training in Hypnotherapy to expand the support she could offer to clients - addressing the need to support the mind in healing. After a few years of practice, Paula began to see the parallels between illness and the suppression of self and began to see that true healing comes from authentic self-expression.


Paula now focuses her practice on nurturing self-awareness and transforming the stories of the subconscious mind through Human Design and Hypnotherapy.

Paula is a member of good standing with both the Manitoba Homeopathic Association (MHA #1702) and the Manitoba Hypnotherapists Association (MHA #2003)