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Let's heal!

You value making informed, aligned decisions when it comes to your health and I want you to feel fully on board with the healing process. We both want you to feel better!


Before booking an appointment, please read the following information to ensure we're on the same page.


When it comes to healing I, as your practitioner, believe:


  • That I am here to guide and support you, not save you.

  • That your body is completely equipped to heal itself.

  • That your symptoms are the language of your body and they guide your healing.

  • That your mind, body, and soul are connected and we are supporting all three.


By choosing this route for healing, you, as the healer, are:


  • open to seeing the connections between your health and your life.

  • ready to talk about your physical, emotional, and mental health - openly and honestly.

  • committed to taking your Homeopathic remedies as prescribed.

  • eager to get in tune with your body’s messages, symptoms, and rhythms.

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"What is Homeopathy" is an overview of what it's like to heal with Homeopathy! Listen below!

What is Homeopathy?
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  • Do I have to be a Homeopath to participate?
    Homeopaths and active students of Homeopathy (studying to be a professional Homeopath) are welcome - you are expected to have a well established understanding of Homeopathy. This is not a beginner course.
  • What if I can't make all the sessions?
    While I hope you can make it to all sessions, I understand that life happens! If you know ahead of time that you won't be able to attend a session, please let me know and skip signing up for a pitch that week so we can arrange to have your spot covered. If something last minute comes up, we'll support each other! Write out your pitch and pass it on to a colleague to read it on your behalf, film your pitch and send it to me to play on the call. If you aren't able to create your pitch, you can pass your aphorism on to someone else for that session.
  • Will sessions be recorded?
    Recordings will only be available, by request ahead of time, if you are going to miss a session and want to stay up to date with the aphorisms of the week. This program is meant to be experienced live!
  • I'm nervous! I hate presenting!
    And you're not alone!! We're gonna take our Gelsemium and show up anyways because we know the power of like cures like. You can do this because pitches are short (under 4 minutes), your community is welcoming and eager to hear from you, and you'll be so excited to share what you learned about your aphorism that you won't be able to imagine not pitching. If you are nervous, give what you hope to receive. Be an attentive listener, celebrate your colleagues pitches, share your perspectives. Notice your fear and show up anyways, the magic comes after that!
  • What IS a pitch?
    A pitch is a combination of words designed to persuade someone. In our case, pitches will be brief offerings of four-minutes or less where you will tell your fellow homeopaths about a specific aphorism. You'll tell us why it's the most important aphorism, why it matters to you, how it's impacted you, and whatever else you feel is important. The idea is: I didn't read that aphorism. So tell me about it! You're invited to make your pitch as creative as you desire, but make sure of one thing: in your four minutes, make us feel that aphorism.
  • Can I just observe and not pitch?
    No, see above question. This program relies on community engagement. We all pitch, we all listen, we all engage, we all learn. Give and you shall receive!

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