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Let's heal!

You value making informed, aligned decisions when it comes to your health and I want you to feel fully on board with the healing process. We both want you to feel better!


Before booking an appointment, please read the following information to ensure we're on the same page.


When it comes to healing I, as your practitioner, believe:


  • That I am here to guide and support you, not save you.

  • That your body is completely equipped to heal itself.

  • That your symptoms are the language of your body and they guide your healing.

  • That your mind, body, and soul are connected and we are supporting all three.


By choosing this route for healing, you, as the healer, are:


  • open to seeing the connections between your health and your life.

  • ready to talk about your physical, emotional, and mental health - openly and honestly.

  • committed to taking your Homeopathic remedies as prescribed.

  • eager to get in tune with your body’s messages, symptoms, and rhythms.

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"What is Homeopathy" is an overview of what it's like to heal with Homeopathy! Listen below!

What is Homeopathy?
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