Fee Schedule

Prices effective June 1, 2022

1:1 Introductory Session ($250)

120 minute initial session + first follow up

Follow ups ($95)

45 minutes

Homeopathic Remedies:

Within Canada & USA: one remedy included in session fees.

$10 for additional remedies and remedies dispensed outside of paid sessions.

Outside of North America: $10 per remedy to cover shipping/dispensing fees.

You may also choose to use your own remedies from a local source.

The introductory session is an opportunity to explore your health from a new perspective in totality. In this session we will explore how your body is communicating dis-ease so that I can match your symptoms to a remedy. Together, we'll explore:

How your symptoms present themselves

Your mental and physical health history

Your past & present experiences that contribute to your health


Using that information, I will choose a single remedy that best matches your whole symptom picture and provide instructions for how to take it to support your healing.

Your first follow up will be 4 weeks after starting the remedy and in that session we will review how your symptoms have changed to assess how the remedy has acted. We may change the remedy, the dosage, or the potency to continue nudging your body along in healing. It is my goal to find a remedy that best supports your whole self and to teach you how to use it according to your symptoms.

Once you feel stable in how to use your remedy, we will connect every 4-6 weeks to check in, or if things come up and you're needing extra support. More complex cases may need more frequent support in the first few months as we fine-tune your remedy.

Please extend 24 hours notice for any cancellations, a late cancellation fee of 50% may be applied.


All fees include tax and are in Canadian Dollars.