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Prices effective January 1, 2021

1:1 Introductory Session ($160)

One 90-minute session + healing plan write up

This introductory session is your solution to healing fatigue. You are lost in your healing journey, grasping at solutions, not sure what's really helping. Rather than dive into another new therapy and go through the emotional rollercoaster of hope, this session brings you back to your body so that you can build a healing plan on a strong and stable foundation of self awareness. We'll explore:

How you're supporting your body every day

How to express your symptoms so they can release

The messages of your Mind Body Connection

How your relationships affect you

Your existing healing plan with an appointment audit

How you want to feel - and how to get there


You want to know how to heal and the only way to get there is to know how you feel. By creating a conscious, intentional healing plan rooted in a strong foundation of self-awareness, you take back your power.

No more scrambling for answers or wishing for the magic pill. I'll help you put together the pieces of your health story so that you can get back to living the life that lights you up.


Hypnotherapy Session  ($90-120)

(60-90 minutes via doxy.me)

This is for you if you want to explore the stories of your subconscious mind, transform old beliefs, heal past emotional blocks, and truly empower yourself from the inside out. Hypnotherapy will help you:

feel more connected to self

see your self through a new lens

feel lighter, less reactive, more free

transform the stories of your past

Hypnotherapy sessions only available after having completed an introductory session to ensure it is right for you.

Homeopathy ($240)

(120 min initial + 45 min follow up)

This is for you if you are ready to commit to deep, transformative healing. Homeopathy addresses the root cause of symptoms and works through the layers of dis-ease to catalyze healing on all levels. Homeopathy will help you:

feel better in the mind, body, and soul

reconnect with your mind body connection

see your health in a new way

release patterns of dis-ease

Homeopathy is only available after having completed an introductory session to ensure it is right for you.

Please extend 24 hours notice for any cancellations, however cancellation fees will be waived at this time.


All fees include tax.

I offer a sliding scale for those in need, please contact me directly for more information.