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Homeopathy for Mental Health will teach you the science behind mental health and teach you hoemopathic tools to support it.


Special guest Jenna Hamm (@feltsensewpg) kicks off the class with an introduction to poly vagal theory! Jenna is a psychotherapist trained in many modalities including, but not limited to; yoga, EMDR, internal family systems, poly vagal theory, and somatic therapy. Visit Jenna's website:


Jennas teachings will provide you with a solid foundation of knowledge on the nervous system and the mind so that you can better understand how and why your body is responding to stress in the way that it is. Jenna rounds out the session with an orientation practice that will leave you connected and calm!


The second part of the class, lead by Paula Jeffrey (your homeopath!) will explore how the nervous system connects to homeopathy and then you'll dive into 16 remedies that can best support various symptoms of nervous system dysregulation. You'll leave with a whole toolkit of remedies and the knowledge of how to use them to support your body as you move through the ups and downs of life - more resilience during stress is the name of the game!


Included in the purchase of the class:

  • Full 3.5 hour recording of the class, lead by Paula Jeffrey and Jenna Hamm
  • 16 Printable Remedy Cards
  • Dosage and Potency for the Home Prescriber eBook by Paula Jeffrey
  • Homeopathy basics PDF


This course is intended for individuals who already have a basic understanding of homeopathy. While you will be able to use the remedies by the end of the class without that, it does not go over the basics and beginner concepts of homeopathy. I recommend taking Homeopathy at Home ( first or brushing up on homeopathy basics via home prescriber books, my instagram (@healingwithpaula) and blog.


*After purchase, download the access file in your confirmation email. This link expires after 30 days and while it can be re-sent, it is much easier to save it so you always have access!*


Homeopathy for Mental Health

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