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a creative journalling journey to re-route your healing


Six 75 min sessions

April 19 - May 31

Wed @ 1:30pm CST 

Live on Zoom (not recorded)

$200 per person*

For folks with chronic symptoms


To know, love and trust yourself and become the authority in your healing journey. You know how to move forward.


Creative journalling prompts and group hypnosis based on six core healing concepts. A small, supportive group makes this a human centred process.

Are you struggling with chronic symptoms?

Healing chronic dis-ease can feel like a lonely road trip without a map. You know where you want to go (anywhere but here) but navigating all of the diets, protocols, and perspectives about “how to heal” often lands you in circles, exhausted.

You’ve tried it all, have no idea what’s helping, and feel more disconnected than ever. Authentic self-expression has been replaced with pure survival.

But what if you changed course? What if you could tap into your intuition to make aligned decisions? What if you could trust your vital force when new symptoms came up?

What if you became the authority on your needs?

How could your healing journey transform?

To put you back in the driver's seat, we have crafted a six week DETOUR using a combination of creative journaling and self-reflection to change the way you approach your healing.


Each creative journaling session is 75 minutes and will be led by Paula (The Homeopath & Healing Philosopher) and Libby (The Writing and Fun Coach)

We’ll meet for 6 weeks on zoom to write, reflect, and re-connect. Some sessions will include guided visualizations/hypnosis.

By the end, you’ll have a new perspective on healing, a deeper relationship with self, and clarity for your next steps.

This detour isn’t about healing, it’s about remembering how to know, love, and trust yourself. Healing is a side effect.

*Payment plans and 2 subsidized rate spots available, please contact

Libby Jeffrey

Libby is a creative catalyst, someone who enjoys encouraging others to join in with their own brand of ‘weird’. A poet, writing coach and founder of MomAlong writers, Libby believes that everyone’s voice can feel clearer on paper. Writing can give us the ability to say what we mean, delight in ordinary life, and inspire one another.

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Paula Jeffrey

Homeopath and puzzle solver, Paula brings new, grounded perspectives to the art of healing, to help reignite hope in your natural ability to heal. In DETOUR, she'll be teaching foundational concepts to re-frame the way you think about your symptoms so you can work with them, instead of against them, to heal.

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