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Homeopathy is a medical art that uses energetic homeopathic remedies to stimulate natural healing using the unique symptoms of the mind and body.

Homeopathy is safe for all and has no contraindications. It is for you if you...

...feel limited by your health condition

...are struggling to find answers to your complaints

...have tried everything with limited results

...want a truly natural alternative to healing


Hypnotherapy helps shift habits/behaviours and reframe past experiences through trance.

While we are acutely aware of the happenings of our conscious mind, our unconscious mind is constantly working behind the scenes processing, organizing, and regulating our body and mind. It is estimated that 80-90% of our responses are rooted in the unconscious mind.

Trance, or hypnosis, is when the conscious mind is quieted, allowing you to access the unconscious with ease.

Trance is a state we are all familiar with. Arriving home and not remembering the drive, “zoning out” while watching TV, becoming fully engaged in music, deep meditation/prayer, or even the state just before we fall asleep. 



Trauma Recovery

Habit Changing


Smoking Cessation

Stress Management

Chronic Illness


Chronic Pain

Women's Health

Pregnancy/Birth Support

Sleep Issues

Digestive Disorders