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Homeopathy supports and catalyses the natural process of healing. It acts on the core energetic level to uproot imbalances and free you of your symptoms.

You are supported in body, mind, and soul with Homeopathy. It is complementary to your existing practices and safe for all walks of life.​ 

Homeopathy is a 200-year-old, complete medical system with its own remedies and philosophies. This unique system creates healing that is focused on the individualization of both dis-ease and recovery so that no complaint goes unsupported.

As your practitioner, my foundation for care stands on Homeopathy and is supported by my continuing education in other areas like Hypnotherapy, Psychology, and Human Design. I am always seeking to further my understanding of individualized care to best serve you!


Free Intro to Homeopathy

Learn the four core principles of Homeopathy with the first module of my course "Homeopathy at Home" - for free!


I just have to tell you how grateful we are for your guidance!  His (sic) psoriasis is continuing slowly but surely to look better and better.  I knew it was possible, but to see him experience the power of homeopathy for himself, especially as a teenage boy who found it a little woo woo, and to be told by allopathic doctors that it’s something he would suffer with forever is something so powerful that I hope serves him for the rest of his life.


Working with Paula has been life changing. Since working together, I feel like my world has been flooded with hope and agency and self-belief. I always feel like I can share all parts of myself during sessions, without shame, which is a remedy in itself! Paula really takes the time to listen without jumping in to correct or fix or change your current state. Paula treads so lightly and intentionally with your healing journey, I always come away from appointments feeling brighter, even when I’ve shared about vulnerable topics. It’s such a relief to work with a practitioner who gives you permission to heal in the most instinctive and simplified way possible. Besides that, Paula has an accomplished and integrated understanding of energetics that goes beyond just homeopathy which feels so spacious and magical to experience, especially as an energy worker myself! :)

-Naoise O'F

Paula’s unique blend of Human Design, homeopathy, and hypnosis offer an unparalleled healing experience. Her compassion invites comfort and ease through, what can be, a challenging inner process. Her ability to listen deeply and guide one into the subconscious stimulates the kind of mind-body awareness that inevitably leads to profound healing. Working with Paula has strengthened my connection with myself and helped me get out of my own way so that I can move forward in my healing. I allows look forward to our sessions and the A-HA’s that emerge. I highly recommend working with Paula!


-Kellie M.

I have had the pleasure of working with Paula on two separate occasions. Once for emotional health and once for physical health symptoms I have been experiencing. Paula is a wonderful practitioner. She took time to get to know me, understand what I was experiencing, investigate in a thorough manner and provide me with tools and techniques on top of her recommended remedy. Paula is available should you have any questions or concerns and makes you feel very comfortable to reach out and connect with her.

As a social worker in private practice I have recommended Paula to a number of my clients and would be happy to work with her again in the future should I feel necessary. Upon taking my remedy for the physical symptom of runny/stuffy nose/allergies. I noticed that I began to feel clearer. On top of the remedy recommendation, Paula had me be mindful of my environment and what was going on when I noticed the symptoms at their worst. I love her holistic approach to wellness and passion to help others live a healthy life.   


-Amanda Carson, Social Worker & Hypnotherapist

After trying to learn about human design on my own, I signed up for a session with Paula. Three days after having my reading, I am still thinking about it. Paula helped me apply human design directly to my life. She sparked memories of how I can listen to my inner authority in a way that helps me help others. I was reminded of how much I love initiating projects, perfectly aligned with my type. Most importantly, this self awareness is helping me to react better when I’m not feeling like myself and I got a lot more clarity to motivate my self study!”

-Libby J.

"Before I started seeing Paula I was full of bacteria (UTI’s), growing yeast (heartburn and bloating), fungus infected (in my big toe) and I constantly battled fuzzy brain and migraine headaches.  In no uncertain terms, I was a mess. Homeopathy was recommended as a companion treatment for my migraines, so off to Paula I went.  My only goal at the time was to get help for my migraines but Paula offered me so much more. Over time (this is key), Paula guided me into an existence with fewer and less severe headaches plus a remedy to help them.  There is no need to suffer like I did with all my messy issues.  Book an appointment with Paula, she will listen to you first and then do her best to help you through your messy issues."


-Barb S.

Paula is very professional and listens to all my concerns. I like how I am able to reach her by email if something comes up between appointments. I would highly recommend Paula.


I went into my first visit with Paula knowing the word Homeopath, but I was blissfully unaware of how or why it would benefit me. Paula’s knowledge, empathy, kindness and understanding of the field made me feel heard, and understood. These were things that I had not encountered with any other form of Medicine. She guided me and assisted me to collaborate with her in order to understand and achieve the benefits of homeopathic medicine in an individualized care plan. My experience was truly incredible, and I thank Paula for that. 

-Angelina T.

I came to Paula for help addressing a stubborn symptom that I couldn't seem to resolve on my own. Having never used homeopathy before, I had no idea what to expect but my experience has been so incredible. I've eventually resolved the physical issue I was having but the unexpected results that I didn't even know I needed were the most amazing to me. I've been able to heal one of the most difficult relationships in my life in my time working with Paula. This complete transformation in how I relate to myself and my relationships is something that I will be forever grateful for. I had such great results that I asked Paula to work with my son as well. He went from being a child that was always scared to try new things to going to summer camp, playing a team sport and thriving in school. Working with Paula has completely transformed my paradigm around symptoms and I feel even more empowered in my health and the health of my family. Thank you, Paula!

-Morgan Sachs - The Healing Mind

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