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Argentum Nitricum VS Gelsemium for Anxiety

This blog post compares Argentum Nitric and Gelsemium in the treatment of Anxiety!

Argentum nitricum is an impulsive, hurried remedy for the nervous system.

Everything about them is impulsive, driven by a need to escape. There is a lack of control over their impulses - they laugh, cry, rage and then apologize all in a single breath. Arg-Nit. is very open emotionally, can even be evangelical.

Argentum Nit. fears being trapped, which drives the hurried impulsive behaviour to find a way out. Claustrophobia, agoraphobia, fear of heights, bridges, tall buildings, being late. The thoughts torment him until he finds a way out. He may find himself walking faster and faster until he’s running, not knowing why. They tend to be superstitious with these intrusive thoughts.

There is a need to perform under crisis - maintain control. There’s a time pressure, it’s a crisis after all! Act first think second. No time to feel. Arg-Nit patients may become ER doctors or crisis workers.

Physical Keynotes of Argentum Nitricum:

  • Hot hot hot. Worse heat better cold.

  • Worse eating sweets but desires them.

  • Craves salty and sweet.

  • Bloating with loud, frequent gas & eructations, which may or may not improve the bloat

  • Diarrhea from anticipation - green, spinach flakes

  • Tremulous weakness, heaviness of legs.

  • Neurological issues, impulse issues.

  • Heart palpitations - fear the heart will jump out of place.

  • Everything bursts out of them - words, burps, stool, emotions, actions.

Now, if the argentum nitricum person reaches a level where nothing can be done,

where their control is lost, he can go into a Gelsemium state. Paralyzed with fear.

If Argentum Nitricum is the fight or flight state, Gelsemium is freeze!

Gelsemium lacks confidence, but you might not see it. They’re reserved, timid, quiet. They try to hide it best they can, but internally they’re frozen. The mind is a black hole.

A remedy for before the battle; they tremble, legs weak, head heavy, dizziness and fatigue. They feel utterly without power. Gelsemium is Dull, Drowsy, Dizzy.

The paralysis hits the bowels too - diarrhea from fright, anticipation, and bad news. They desire to keep control in an ordeal, like Arg Nit, but the shock paralyses them instead of hurrying them.

They fear crowds, falling, that their heart would stop. But the trigger is really the emotional shock of the ordeal that may come.

Physical Keynotes of Gelsemium

  • Dull, drowsy, dizzy

  • Generally worse at 10am

  • Better from urination - especially the headache

  • Trembling from exertion, fright, or anticipation

  • Heavy head, headache from neck extending to forehead, with vertigo

  • Thirstless

  • Chills running up and down back

  • Fear the heart will stop is he doesn't stay in motion

  • Slow onset of symptoms - especially if induced by fright, bad news or anticipation (such as cold/flu)

Both remedies have an affinity for the nervous system, they both may tremble with fear. Both have diarrhea, both desire control in chaos, both hide their anxiety, both have heavy legs and weakness.

But the anxiety drives Argentum to impulsive hurry while it paralyses Gelsemium will dullness and dizzy.

If you're curious about supporting your anxiety in more natural ways, I recommend booking a curiosity call to chat with me directly about how homeopathy can help you! Homeopathy has hundreds of remedies for anxiety and there is one out there to match your unique needs!



I'm Paula, Homeopath and Hypnotherapist. I help individuals reconnect with their body's innate wisdom so that they can support themselves as they heal and grow beyond their chronic symptoms.


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