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How Grief Can Make You Sick

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

Elle* contacted me this summer with symptoms of a cold that she was having trouble treating by herself - everything was making it worse! She has used Homeopathy regularly in her life and it always worked for colds, but not this one.

The main symptom was a sore throat that did not want to budge. It caused her to lose her voice, her sense of smell and taste, and brought on a dry cough.

I advised she take Lachesis that night, then Hepar Sulph if that failed to bring relief - which it did. The next morning she suspected Strep Throat as glands were swollen and she felt feverish and tired - so we waited before giving another remedy thinking the Hepar Sulph was too much.

That day, her voice came back!

...Then her ears started to hurt, excruciatingly so. And the throat continued to worsen. And a headache began, throbbing and distracting.


Over the next two days we prescribed and prescribed, making some progress, then new symptoms would arise and old ones would come back - it was a cold with a vengeance that turned into a pretty angry infection. Elle opted for antibiotics and we set up an appointment for a follow up after she finished her course of antibiotics.

Now, you're probably wondering why am I sharing this seemingly failed homeopathic treatment? Read on… there is an important lesson ahead.

During our follow up, Elle and I went over all her physical, mental and emotional symptoms. Since finishing the antibiotics, she was still experiencing a sore throat and a cough so we wanted to clear those up.

But then we chatted about how her summer has been, and Elle revealed she experienced a very upsetting summer of grief and loss - just prior to falling ill. She had felt very weepy, down, negative and emotions were all over the map.

Aha. The missing piece. We had been so caught up in the extreme symptoms of the infection that neither of us paid attention to what caused the illness in the first place: grief.

So I changed my prescription and gave her Ignatia - a remedy perfect for grief and loss.

I checked in a week later and Elle reported she felt much better:

I think the remedy kicked in pretty fast! I still have the cough but not nearly as bad and my sore throat comes and goes. My mood has been great though. Very even, positive, no weepiness or crying - the grief doesn't feel nearly as heavy.

At the end of the month she let me know her cough, sore throat, and weepiness was gone. Elle was back to balance.


When we are in a state of emotional stress; whether it be from work, relationships, or grief - our body goes through a series of hormonal shifts. When cortisol is activated (our main stress hormone) immune function is suppressed - imagine what prolonged stress does to the body? Imagine what happens if we ignore those emotional stressors and do not address them?

Sometimes the body hears us; it hears that we are tired and it hears that our emotions aren't being dealt with so it goes to the physical body.

Sometimes we don't listen to the whispers of thoughts and emotional needs, and end up having to hear the screams of the physical body taking over and saying: "Hey, you! Rest!"

And sometimes, the emotional stress is just too much to handle and the body can't process it on it's own. Sometimes our body and mind need the additional support of homeopathy, therapy, community, self love, meditation, compassion, friendship, or even medication.

Have the stresses of your life affected your physical health? Contact me for your free 15 minute consultation to find out how Homeopathy can bring you back to balance.

This week, I encourage you to practice listening to your body's whispers - then get that massage, see your therapist, or book your homeopathy appointment!

In good health,


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*Name changed for privacy

I'm Paula, Homeopath and Hypnotherapist. I help individuals reconnect with their body's innate wisdom so that they can support themselves as they heal and grow beyond their chronic symptoms.


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