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Learn the basics & 101's of Tissue Salts and Homeopathy for use in acutes and at home care!


In this bundle you receive access to both Homeopathy at Home and Tissue Salts 101.


In Homeopathy at Home you'll learn:

  • The four principles of Homeopathy
  • How Homeopathy works
  • How to take an acute case
  • How to choose remedies
  • Dosage and Potency
  • How and when to change remedies or potencies
  • 20+ remedies used commonly in acutes


In Tissue Salts 101 you'll learn:

  • Why the twelve tissue salts are important
  • The difference between 6x and 12x potency
  • The details of each of the twelve tissue salts and when to use them


Each course is presented in video format through my website and includes additional resources to support your learning:


  • Homeopathy Cheat Sheet
  • Printable Homeopathic First Aid Booklet
  • Acute Case Worksheets
  • Guide to tongue symptoms of each cell salt
  • Cell Salt Chart
  • Cheat sheet for quick reference to all 12 salts


By buying together you'll not only save $25 off the regular price, but you'll learn two phenomenal modalities to support your family through growth, ailments, injuries, and all the ups and downs of life! Safe for all walks of life these tools will support your entire family.


This wisdom lasts a lifetime and will transform your families wellbeing - preventing the needs for harsh interventions, chronic dis-ease down the road, and unneccesary suffering. 


*These courses are designed as supplemental information on top of regular first aid measures and is not a replacement for medical advice. I recommend having a family homeopath available for consult should extra support be required and always consult with your family doctor or emergency care if needed*


Upon purchase you will receive a link to a PDF download (on the thank you page and in an email!) with information to access the course - please save this file for future access as the link only lasts for 30 days.

BUNDLE: Learn Homeopathy & Tissue Salts Basics!

C$125.00 Regular Price
C$100.00Sale Price
Sales Tax Included
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