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This is a two-hour course that goes into the depth and foundation of the Twelve Tissue Salts, the building blocks of your health! To learn more about Tissue Salts check out this blog post!


In Tissue Salts 101 you'll learn:

  • Why the twelve tissue salts are important
  • The difference between 6x and 12x potency
  • The details of each of the twelve tissue salts and when to use them


This course is presented through a 2-hour-video plus extra resources including:


  • Guide to tongue symptoms of each salt
  • Cell Salt Chart
  • Cheat sheet for quick reference to all 12 salts
  • Cell Salts for Pregnancy PDF
  • Cell Salts + Astrology PDF


This course does not replace professional medical advice, it is purely educational.


Upon purchase you will receive a PDF with information to access the course - please save this file for future access!

Tissue Salts 101

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