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Copyright Paula Jeffrey 2020 | Photography by Kathryn Dyce

If your health gets in the way of living the life you love...

You deserve a life that reflects your true self.

I believe in your ability to heal, to find balance and to embrace your inner strength.

Healing is within you – your mind and body are ready.

Healing starts where you are.



Chronic Pain

Women’s Health

Chronic Illness

Trauma Recovery



As we engage in connecting the body and mind, you will feel supported, understood, and more balanced.


Using Homeopathy and Hypnotherapy we will work together to release past trauma, empower the mind, and heal the body.

Paula is very professional and listens to all my concerns. I like how I am able to reach her by email if something comes up between appointments. I would highly recommend Paula."

- Bryann C.

"Paula's approach to homeopathy has been immensely helpful for me both at home and when travelling. Her social media pages, e-newsletter and 1:1 sessions give her clients the tools they need to pay attention to their bodies, and navigate health in a new way."

- Libby J.

Paula is very professional, she guides me through the maze of homeopathy with kindness, patience, and my visits/appointments with her are always a pleasure. Book an appointment with Paula, she will listen to you first and then do her best to help you through your messy issues."

- Barb S.

Are you ready to heal?

I am a homeopath and hypnotherapist committed to helping you find balance to live the life you love. I focus on building self-awareness by exploring the mind-body connection and then using these insights, we are able to release old patterns, heal past trauma, and uncover your inner strength.

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