Paula Jeffrey

Hi, I'm Paula!

I help you heal yourself through an empowered and authentic healing journey.

I grew up being told I was shy, quiet, introverted and anxious - so much so that it became my identity.


I lost sight of who I truly was and my health suffered as a result.

I dealt with anxiety, infections, fatigue. I questioned whether it was the chicken or the egg; did my health ruin my life or did my life ruin my health?


Maybe you’ve felt this way too. 


I’ve been there – it’s hard, it's lonely, it's frustrating, it feels like there's no way out.


You've tried every diet, supplement, therapy and practice and you still feel stuck.


You're desperately holding onto some illusion of balance: as long as you do/eat/say/think all the "right" things, you'll feel okay.


You've spent so much money, betting on your health.

Me too.

I got so tired of managing my life - I just wanted to live it again.


So I embarked on a journey of authenticity. I started to uncover my true self, to tune into the messages of my body. I began to see my symptoms for the messengers that they were:

The product of the suppression of self.


I don't have a magic solution for you. I tried that journey - it wasn't realistic and it gave away my power.

Healing starts when you acknowledge that you are in charge of your healing.

When you tune into your needs, use your inner compass to plan your next step, and make conscious, truthful decisions that nourish your authenticity.

I could take all the supplements and remedies I wanted (and I did), but my healing didn't begin until I got honest about my needs and faced them. Until then, I would be stuck in illness.

When you heal into authenticity, you remove the barriers in your life. You open up to the possibility of living the life you love, with the health to support it. No more symptoms dictating your life or making choices based on the needs of others. It's time to tune into self and heal into you.



  • You feel sick and stuck.

  • You've tried it all (and bought it all $$)

  • You've got appointment fatigue

  • Without your therapies you'd crash

  • Your symptoms dictate your life

  • You're ready to get honest about your needs and

  • Take back your power!

If this resonates, welcome. You're right where you need to be.

Let's Get Started!


Barb moved from messy to empowered!

"Before I started seeing Paula I was full of bacteria (UTI’s), growing yeast (heartburn and bloating), fungus infected (in my big toe) and I constantly battled fuzzy brain and migraine headaches.  In no uncertain terms, I was a mess. Homeopathy was recommended as a companion treatment for my migraines, so off to Paula I went.  My only goal at the time was to get help for my migraines but Paula offered me so much more. Over time (this is key), Paula guided me into an existence with fewer and less severe headaches plus a remedy to help them.  There is no need to suffer like I did with all my messy issues.  Book an appointment with Paula, she will listen to you first and then do her best to help you through your messy issues."


How do you feel when you feel better?


All the things you can do.

How healthy and calm you feel.

All the foods you can joyfully indulge in.

All the experiences you now enjoy.

Imagine all of your best parts, right in front of you

Fully expressed, authentically.


Close your eyes and reflect:

Where do you feel it?

What does it look like?

How does that sound?


It's time for you to feel better, it's time to let go of... 


Anxiety and Fear

Chronic Pain

Hormonal Imbalances

Stuck Habits

Stress & Fatigue

Digestive Imbalances

Paula is very professional and listens to all my concerns. I like how I am able to reach her by email if something comes up between appointments. I would highly recommend Paula."

- Bryann C.

"Paula's approach to homeopathy has been immensely helpful for me both at home and when travelling. Her social media pages, e-newsletter and 1:1 sessions give her clients the tools they need to pay attention to their bodies, and navigate health in a new way."

- Libby J.

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