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Anxiety, pain, anger, exhaustion, indigestion, overwhelm, headaches, not-enoughness...

I help individuals like you move beyond your mental and physical health issues so that you can live a life free of discomfort and full of authenticity.

Your body knows exactly how to heal, now it's time to learn its language.
You are the healer
Homeopathy is the catalyst
Let's ignite that power.

You want to heal, to move beyond your symptoms, to feel like you again. You're worried you might never feel better, that you'll always be tired, anxious, disconnected, invisible. 

You've tried everything and yet the same, recurrent issues keep coming back. You're tired of restriction, you've lost hope, and you're ready to feel better. 

I'm here to listen to your story, explore the connections within it, and hold the light as we get curious about who you are and why you are.

Using tools rooted in Homeopathy, Hypnotherapy and Human Design, you and I will pave a stronger, more empowered path forward for the life of your dreams. The life that is made possible by a stable foundation of mental and physical health.

Client Testimonials

I went into my first visit with Paula knowing the word Homeopath, but I was blissfully unaware of how or why it would benefit me. Paula’s knowledge, empathy, kindness and understanding of the field made me feel heard, and understood. These were things that I had not encountered with any other form of Medicine. She guided me and assisted me to collaborate with her in order to understand and achieve the benefits of homeopathic medicine in an individualized care plan. My experience was truly incredible, and I thank Paula for that. 

Angelina T.

Homeopathic Medicine


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