Paula Jeffrey

If you've ever been made to feel that you don't fit in, that your life wasn't yours to create, or that you need to prove yourself in order to be worthy - you're in the right place.

Here, we explore the stories of the subconscious mind with curiosity and compassion. We nurture self-awareness and authenticity so that we can all step confidently into who we are.


Your authenticity is your greatest gift and most potent medicine.
Are you ready to embrace it?

Human Design

Have you ever questioned if you're on the right path? Or wondered why the "normal" way didn't work for you?

Human Design answers those questions with a map of how to use you energy to create a life that is yours.



Do you feel like there's a part of your brain that's working against you?

Hypnotherapy quiets the conscious mind so we can explore the stories of the subconscious so you can heal, transform, and grow. 

Let's explore together.

You want to love your life, to move beyond your past, to heal the emotional blocks. You're worried you might never feel better, that you'll always be tired, anxious, disconnected, invisible. 

You've done the self-help stuff, written affirmations all over your walls, but you're still stuck and the same, recurring issues keep coming up. I hear you, you're tired of it, you're lost, and you're ready to feel better.

I help women like you explore and transform the stories of the subconscious mind, so they can confidently express who they are and what they want.

Through Human Design and Hypnotherapy, you and I will get curious about who you are and explore the subconscious stories of your mind that are keeping you stuck.

You'll be surprised at how your inner world transforms as you connect to your subconscious stories.

As your guide, I'll help you explore these stories with compassion, patience, and curiosity so that you feel safe and cared for. I believe in healing being a journey of curiosity and empowerment.

Each step of the way will reveal deeper compassion and awe for who you truly are. You'll trust yourself more, you'll realize your worth, and you'll feel more confident about stepping into your authentic self.

When you're ready, click the button below and let's connect.



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I'll be here when you're ready!

What people are saying...

After trying to learn about human design on my own, I signed up for a session with Paula. Three days after having my reading, I am still thinking about it. Paula helped me apply human design directly to my life. She sparked memories of how I can listen to my inner authority in a way that helps me help others. I was reminded of how much I love initiating projects, perfectly aligned with my type. Most importantly, this self awareness is helping me to react better when I’m not feeling like myself and I got a lot more clarity to motivate my self study!”

-Libby, 4/6 Emotional Manifestor


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