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What your Homeopath wants to know

Your Homeopath wants to know how you express symptoms in your own unique way and this can mean your first appointment might look different than other appointments you've attended!

In our first consultation, the goal will be to identify the unique ways in which your body expresses illness. We will explore this through your main complaints (what you're seeing me for), minor complaints (what you didn't know could be addressed), and other tendencies and preferences that make you, you!

Through the theory of like cures like, we are looking to find the most unique symptoms your body is expressing in order to best match a remedy to what ails you.

Main Complaint Questions

Prior to the first appointment it will be beneficial for you to begin asking the following questions in regards to your main symptoms, the ones that nudged you to book this appointment.

  • What sensation am I feeling? How would I describe it to someone who has never experienced this? How would I make someone else feel this?

  • Where is this symptom? Does it move?

  • What makes me feel better? What do I naturally gravitate towards for relief?

  • What makes my condition worse? What situations or conditions do I avoid to protect myself?

  • How often and how intense does this symptom bother me? Is there a time of day or night that it gets worse or better?

  • Does this symptom come on with any other symptoms?

  • What was happening in my life when these symptoms first arose?

  • What emotions come up when this symptom worsens?

General Health:

In regards to your general health, we will discuss how you are unique in the following areas:

  • Mental symptoms: mental illness, issues with cognition, how you experience stress, extreme emotions, fears, how you process emotions, past or present emotional shock, trauma, or major life stressors

  • Appetite and thirst, diet, cravings or aversions

  • Sleep: quality of sleep, sleep preferences, snoring, talking, temperature, energy levels

  • General pains and their specific sensation

  • How different environments impact you: time of day/night, seasons, weather, altitude, people

  • Skin health: any dryness or irritation or history of eruptions.

  • Any discharges? What colour, consistency, quantity, size?

  • Urination and bowel movements

  • Women: menstrual cycle, PMS, history of miscarriages, pregnancies, any past or present dis-ease or abuse

  • Men: any abnormal symptoms of the genitals, former or present dis-ease or abuse

As always, our goal in session is to identify how you uniquely express dis-ease. Through this we may explore the mind-body connection, how your symptoms have come forward through your life, how various life experiences have impacted you.

Arriving with an open mind and the awareness that we only need to explore what you want to explore, this session becomes a transformative experience. Beyond just searching for clues about health and a remedy to match them, this is an opportunity for you to learn your body's language.

I can't wait to connect!

To book an appointment, click here. I'd love to connect with you through a curiosity call so we can ensure homeopathy and our connection is a good fit...and if you're ready to go, head straight to the 1:1 Session!

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I'm Paula, Homeopath and Hypnotherapist. I help individuals reconnect with their body's innate wisdom so that they can support themselves as they heal and grow beyond their chronic symptoms.


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