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What Happens When You Take a Homeopathic Remedy

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

What can I expect after taking a remedy?

Once your homeopath has taken your case and analyzed your symptoms, you will be given a remedy. Your prescription will be unique to you; you may be told to take one dose once, three doses over three days, every 15 minutes. Your prescription may be dry (pellets) or liquid. The method of administration depends primarily on whether your symptoms are acute or chronic, as well as your level of sensitivity.

Homeopathic Remedies in Pellet Form

So you've taken your what?

In order to best accommodate healing, it is important to follow your homeopaths prescription and pay attention to any changes in your body after taking the remedy.

Keeping in mind there are no side effects to homeopathy, remedies can stimulate some really neat healing in the body.

1. You may feel better. Some changes you may not even notice until I ask about them, because you've forgotten they existed! A very common exchange I have in practice:

"How have your headaches been?"

"Headaches? I guess better! I forgot I had those!"

2. You may feel a little worse, then a lot better. Sometimes, a remedy can overstimulate healing and cause an aggravation of symptoms. While Homeopaths do their best to give the most minimal dose to avoid aggravations, sometimes it happens. An aggravation is best described as a short lived, increase of symptoms, that occurs before healing - think of it as your body working through the symptoms.

A patient came in with a sinus infection which had begun a week earlier; stuffed up nose with lots of stabbing head pain. Sleep was affected negatively, appetite gone, lots of on and off fever. Patient has had multiple annual sinus infections for many years, typically treated with antibiotics.

The patient was given Belladonna 30ch, 2 pellets, one dose.

Within 10 minutes; the patient began sweating, face red, and felt very irritable. Patients nose began running and approximately 15 minutes later his head pain was gone. Patient went to bed shortly after and the next day was 80% better.

3. Old symptoms may return, then get better. This happens occasionally in cases where patients have suppressed symptoms in the past. Suppression may occur when symptoms that the body is trying to express are pushed inward. Suppression can be caused by medication, diet, or even emotions.

A common example of this is when a patient develops a rash and uses a steroid cream to "clear" it. The body's main goal is to express the rash outwardly, but the steroid cream suppresses it and pushes the ailment inward. Because the body has not had the chance to effectively heal the rash, it expresses the ailment elsewhere. Skin irritations that are suppressed, are often later expressed in respiratory diseases such as asthma.

If the above patient is then treated homeopathically for their asthma, there is a chance they may see a return of the rash that was once suppressed. While this may be unpleasant; this is a good sign. It means the body is responding to the remedy and is ridding itself of past ailments. If an old symptom returns, it is usually less aggravating than the original symptom was, and is often short lived. The best part, is that your body is learning to heal the old symptoms so that is doesn't come back!

Sometimes when you take a homeopathic remedy, you may not notice any changes. It's important to be aware that this is a possible response and may simply mean you need a different remedy, or a different strength of remedy.

Maintain honest communication with your homeopath so they can find the best prescription for your case to stimulate healing! It is also possible, like in example number one, that you did not notice the changes until your homeopath looks over your symptoms with you.

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