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How Many Follow Up's Will I Need?

Why should you follow up with your Homeopath?

  • Opportunity for whole-self reflection - each session involves exploring all of your symptoms and checking in with what has changed, stayed the same, or improved. We look at body, mind, and soul!

  • Address minor imbalances before they become major - if something feels just a little off, we can support you. Everything is a part of your healing because it's related to you - plus we're reflecting on your whole-self. Awareness, curiosity and connection to self!

  • To support yourself through life stress - when life happens, Homeopathy is there for you. For grief, stress, changes, breakups, acute illness...we can support the little stuff so that it doesn't become big stuff. In other modalities where you just have to suck it up? We have a remedy for that.

  • To ensure your prescription is still correct for your ever changing body - sometimes your remedy needs change, either you need a new potency or a new remedy all together. As you heal and peel back the layers, your health needs change. Homeopathy needs to evolve with you and it can! We have thousands of remedies and tons of creative ways to take them to fit your unique needs. Needing to change your remedy is a good thing more often than not! It means you're healing!

  • To see how far you've come - the number of times I ask about a symptom and the patient says "what symptom?". It's SO easy to forget where we were as things get better. Follow ups are an opportunity to check in and celebrate your success - that's the best medicine, my friend.

How often do you need to follow up?

The "Homeopath" answer: it depends! Every patient is different, but here's some general guidelines for what healing with Homeopathy looks like:

  1. Initial Appointment - we gather information about your unique experience of dis-ease, I prescribe a Homeopathic remedy for you with instructions for dosage.

  2. Two Week Check-In - a quick email check in to ensure things are on track!

  3. 4-6 Week Follow up - we reconnect and go over all of the symptoms discussed in the first appointment, assessing if they have improved, changed, or worsened to determine if the dosage or remedy needs to be adjusted.

  4. Follow up As Needed (~4-8 weeks) - we made any adjustments needed and you are empowered to listen to your body and take your remedy as advised plus as your body needs. You'll check in with me if new layers appear, if your dosage needs to change, or if an acute (illness, stress) comes up.

  5. Check in annually or as life happens and you need support!

Some individuals need more time to feel better. Longer, deeper, more chronic illness can take longer to balance. Some patients feel better in a few months. In all cases, I want you to see changes and progress in the first two or three appointments. Even if things don't resolve completely (it takes a long time to get sick!), I want you to feel hope.

My goal is always to empower you to know how to use your remedy to support your body - so that you can adjust to your needs, contact me when you need to, and be the health advocate that you need. I'll be here to guide you, to be your lighthouse...but you're the captain, my friend!

If you're ready to transform your health, reach out and book a curiosity call so that we can see if Homeopathy is right for you!



I'm Paula, Homeopath and Hypnotherapist. I help individuals reconnect with their body's innate wisdom so that they can support themselves as they heal and grow beyond their chronic symptoms.


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