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Five Reasons Why Homeopathy is Amazing

Five Reasons Why Homeopathy is Amazing

You might be curious about homeopathy – or more broadly, about natural healing. You might be wondering, why would I choose Homeopathy over something else? Or maybe you love homeopathy already and want to share it with someone you love!

This blog is for you.

This blog comes from my heart. It comes from a place of recognizing that Homeopathy is inherently whole and wonderful. It does not come from a place of needing to prove the validity of homeopathy, but to share in the wonder of it with open-minded, curious folks. I’ve included a few studies and insights that I’ve found interesting over the years – to encourage the conversation about research within Homeopathy.

After reading, consider sharing this blog online with your reason for why Homeopathy is awesome – or head over to my Instagram and tell me why you love Homeopathy here.

Let's get into it!

Reason #1: It’s safe and gentle

One of Hahnemann's original goals in creating Homeopathy was to change the standard of practice for medicine. In a time where bloodletting and locking up the mentally ill was normalized, he boldly believed that gentle, rapid, and permanent healing was possible.

He founded his experiments on finding the smallest possible dose that could still initiate cure – and then he began experimenting with the power of potentization. So was born a remedy that carried the energetic imprint of the original substance, without the icky side effects of the crude form. Because of these small and non-intrusive doses, Homeopathy is safe and gentle for all walks of life.

This means safe alternatives for symptoms in pregnancy, support for immunocompromised folks, options for kids that are safe, natural, and can potentially avoid more intrusive means.

One study looked at the treatment of ear infections in kids using both conventional and homeopathic treatment. The Homeopathic group recovered faster and 0% of participants required antibiotics, while 97.5% of the kids in the conventional group required antibiotics. (1) Future exploration concerning this study might include looking at the frequency of recurrent ear infections in the homeopathy group vs the conventional group. Preventing the need for antibiotics is an important task with the rise of antibiotic-resistant infections - exploring other options can mean reserving antibiotics for cases that truly need it.

Reason #2: It’s powerful

"Gentle power" is my favourite word duo, because what could be better? Often we perceive gentle with weak, but with homeopathy that is not the case. Aside from studies that show Homeopathy outperforms placebo, plant and animal studies illustrate some of the incredible powers of Homeopathy.

One study treated E. coli in piglets using Homeopathy – a major issue because once one piglet has it, E. coli spreads like wildfire. Often, all pregnant sows and piglets are treated with antibiotics right from the beginning. In this study, A dose of the nosode was given to all piglets at birth and was able to reduce diarrhea by 6x compared to the placebo group. (2) Much like the ear infections in kids, this is an opportunity to reduce the need for antibiotics in animals – another major driver in antibiotic resistance.

Another study showed the addition of Thyroxine 6x to water inhibited the metamorphosis of tadpoles. (3) These types of studies force us to question the debate of the placebo effect – or perhaps they open up more doors to the question of sentience in plants and animals! (We don’t know what we don’t know)

In 2019, my dog Charleston went into anaphylactic shock when we were camping. We were nowhere near a vet and by the time I noticed he was cold, gums were gray, heart rate slow, body limp. I had my remedies so I put all my trust in them and gave him both Aconite and Apis. Within minutes he lifted his head and drank some water. We called the vet to ensure we were supporting him as he needed – but there is no doubt in my mind that Homeopathy saved his life.

Reason #3: It improves general health

Homeopathy is whole health medicine. By acting on the mind, body, and soul as one - your whole health improves, not just your main symptoms. When you see a homeopath you are not just treating your main complaint or getting rid of a single symptom – you are upgrading your whole life. A 2005 study showed that those under Homeopathic care showed better overall outcomes compared to conventional treatment, at no higher cost. (4)

A more expansive study analyzed 3,981 patients in 103 primary care practices in Germany and Switzerland. Of the group, 97% of cases had chronic diagnoses and included children, teens, and adults. The study assessed patient and physician assessments and quality of life at baseline. Disease severity decreased significantly in both patient and physician assessments. The quality of life baseline improved in children and adults, but no changes of QOL in teens were observed. (5)

Interestingly, the younger and more severe the disease was a predictor of better therapeutic success.

Reason #4: It’s safe for the environment

While few studies exist for this point, it’s one worth getting curious about. Since Homeopathic Remedies are made from small amounts of plant, animal, and mineral resources they require very little from the environment to be made sustainably. The process of potentization limits the impact on the environment, simply by requiring less.

Being non-toxic and safe for all is another important point when we look at the impact that pharmaceuticals have on the pollution of our waterways. Many studies since the early 2000s have explored the reality that our waterways and drinking water are contaminated with various pharmaceutical drugs – both due to the rise of use and lack of proper filtration in sewage systems. One Canadian study found as many as 20 pharmaceutically active compounds in treated drinking water. (6) Ultimately, requiring fewer drugs is a great way to reduce this impact and Homeopathy offers an alternative.

As highlighted above in the piglet study, reducing the need for antibiotic use in farm animals could also have a huge impact on both health and environmental sectors. Approximately 80% of antibiotics are sold for use in animal agriculture (7) and it's believed that animals are the main source of risk in antibiotic resistance. This impacts the waterways through runoff from farms and through our food.

Having an alternative to antibiotics is not just a good idea, it’s necessary for our future.

Reason #5: It’s versatile & individualized

The number one reason you come to me for support is that you’re sick and tired and you’ve tried everything. You’ve been told there are no other options, that you have to take this medication forever, that they don’t know what’s wrong with you.

Homeopathy does things differently by looking at the whole picture. By seeing you as an individual, by looking at your past, your present, your mind, body, and soul. Instead of paring down and fitting your symptoms into a disease diagnosis then treating you based on that, Homeopaths go big and look at what makes your dis-ease expression completely unique.

I support your body with what it’s already trying to do. We work with the body in whatever it is expressing, which means you can come to me and say “I just feel off” and we can find a remedy for that.

You are already healing once you have symptoms – sometimes you just get stuck running in circles. Homeopathy helps nudge that healing back on track and then your body does the rest. Homeopathy supports you wherever you are, whether you are expressing:

  • Migraines

  • Allergies

  • Eczema

  • Chronic pain

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Thyroid Disorders

  • Hormonal Imbalances

  • Insomnia

  • ME/CFS

  • IBS & Digestion

  • Injuries

  • Pregnancy symptoms

Or something else!

If you have symptoms, Homeopathy is an option for you. To find out if we will work well together, visit this page before contacting me – I’d love to support you on your journey. It’s time for you to feel better.

Homeopathy continues to amaze me every single day. For the last 200+ years it has demonstrated what is possible beyond what we “know” in science. It has challenged paradigms and pushed the limits – and if that’s not science, I don’t know what is.



For a roundup of Homeopathic studies, visit the Homeopathic Research Institute.

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