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How Homeopathy Saved My Dog From Anaphylactic Shock

My dog went into anaphylactic shock while camping - 40km from the nearest vet.⁠

After setting up the tents, we went for a little walk. Charleston joyfully sniffed and explored all the new smells and upon returning to the site, I noticed a few bug bites on his nose. I didn’t think anything of it - the mosquitos were bad and thought maybe he got bit.

Forty-five minutes later, I called Charleston for dinner (his favourite word!) and was surprised to not see him at my feet immediately. I turned around to look for him and saw he was a lump on the ground, completely unresponsive.⁠

Gums were grey, his breathing laboured, heart rate was way down, cold to the touch (despite it being a very hot day). I picked him up and he flopped in my arms, eyes rolling back.⁠ The bites on his nose were now quite inflamed and had spread.

Charleston the miniature dachschund in anaphylactic shock looking very tired with swelling on the nose

I was fortunate to be camping with someone who had a vet in the family - she called them and confirmed it was likely anaphylactic shock.⁠ We were advised to either get him to a vet or find children's antihistamine - which we didn't have.

We did have homeopathy. I grabbed my kit and tried to calm myself down enough to think of remedy selection.

Thinking he had been bit - looking at the inflammation on his nose, I thought to Apis. Swelling, anaphylaxis, great! I gave 2 pellets. No change after (what felt like an hour) a minute so I repeated it.

(Given the great intensity of his symptoms, I wanted near immediate responses - I wasn't sitting around waiting 30 minutes for a remedy to work.)

So I thought again, he is in shock. What remedies do we use for shock? Aconite and Arnica.

I started with a dose of Aconite because of it's action on blood, respiration, and the whole "health like pallor". Within the next minute it was as if he came back to from the dead. He lifted his head and drank from the water bowl in front of him. I repeated this dose every five minutes and anytime it looked like he was slipping back - and a few doses for myself after the fright.

Within 3-4 doses (all within 15 minutes), he barked at a passerby and started walking around. His gums were pink, warmth returning to his body, heart rate regulated, fully alert. I continued with a regular dose of Aconite, plus alternating with Arnica to help him recover from the trauma.

Miniature Dachshund sitting on a picnic table bench with a big smile

I had been advised by the vet that it can take a few days for his body to process the histamine. For Charleston, this involved the inflammation on his nose to return periodically over the next three days and loose stools. I followed these symptoms with remedies as well as the Aconite and Arnica.

I was so fortunate to have homeopathy this situation. It was truly the most incredible experience I have ever had with homeopathy - and for the people who witnessed it! I am not sure what the result would have been had I not had it - he truly appeared on the brink of death and our distance from any town would have left me feeling out of options.

It should be noted that while this situation ended well, it is always best to consult with a vet when dealing with the health of animals. Had Charleston not improved so quickly and had we not consulted with a vet by phone, I would have been in the car immediately (while trying remedies!) on my way to any vet available.

miniature dachshund in a yellow lifejacket standing on a rock at the edge of a lake

Charleston is still happily camping today despite his big story (he's even taken up swimming!) - and we take our remedy kit with us every single time. From tick bites to sunburns to anaphylactic shock, for humans and dogs alike.

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I'm Paula, Homeopath and Hypnotherapist. I help individuals reconnect with their body's innate wisdom so that they can support themselves as they heal and grow beyond their chronic symptoms.


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