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Human Design for Kids: Parenting for their Type

When you know your child’s Human Design, you are given a map to their authenticity. You have the opportunity to raise your child according to their needs, their authentic desires, and you help them rise up to be the people they are designed to be!

Learning your child’s Human Design type gives you a glimpse into how their energy works and how they are designed to move through the world. It give you a little room to understand them from their unique perspective. Let’s say you have a kid of each type and they’re in the process of planning a beach day:

  • Your manifestor has decided that it’s a beach day and is already in the car waiting for the rest of you to catch up

  • Your generator has responded and is packing the sand toys to build the greatest sand castle of all time

  • Your manifesting generator is also a yes, steps behind the manifestor with a bag that contains 10 different beach themed activities…options!

  • Your projector is reminding your MG to pack their bathing suit (they did not) and checking the weather (it’s going to rain) while they sit and wait for everyone to recognize that this isn’t a good beach day

  • Your reflector has wandered off for a walk after sampling all of this mad energy and deciding today it’s not for them.

Knowing your kids’ types and how they interact in their own unique ways gives teaches you practical ways to support your family!

  • You can check in with your projector to see if they have insight on this plan (like checking the weather)

  • You know your MG might forget critical things in their enthusiasm for the fun and to double check on that…

  • You can let your generator spend the whole day building a sand castle and if they don’t set foot in the water, that’s okay!

  • You can respect your reflectors desire to stay home, or their desire to change their mind!

  • You know your manifestor might be getting antsy waiting for everyone to catch up, so you can inform them of the true departure time.

I encourage you to read this blog post on Human Design Types, but here are a few tips for your child’s type (find their type here):


· Trust them and they’ll trust you, inform and be informed

· Give them the freedom and the space to initiate and self-direct

· Ask, don’t demand

· Encourage them to rest & give them their own space for sleep

· Give them option, approach things with a win-win attitude


· Listen for & trust their sacral grunts, ask yes/no questions

· Support them in the work they love to do

· Give them lots of opportunity for physical outlets

· Allow them to live in response, they don’t need to initiate

· Encourage them to go to bed exhausted, within a bedtime “window”

Manifesting Generator:

· Listen for & trust their sacral grunts

· Ask them yes/no questions

· Encourage them to follow their many passions and allow room to quit or readjust

· Don’t try to slow them down

· Encourage them to burn off all their energy each day


· SEE them! Ask them for their opinion, invite them to share

· Bring opportunities to them, then let them decide what they want

· Invite them to rest when they need to

· Allow them to work smarter, not harder

· Encourage them to go to bed before they’re tired


· Help them choose environments that make them feel good

· Encourage them to spend time in nature and on their own

· Give them lots of time to make decisions (up to 28 days)

· Create consistency in the home

· Invite them to rest as needed and go to bed before they’re exhausted

Learning about your child’s Human Design offers you clear insight into the support they need to grow into their most authentic and most powerful self. Read more about the Human Design types here to gain more insight on your child, or buy a Rise Up recording to gain practical insight into your child's authentic needs.



I'm Paula, Homeopath and Hypnotherapist. I help individuals reconnect with their body's innate wisdom so that they can support themselves as they heal and grow beyond their chronic symptoms.


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