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Making decisions with your Human Design Authority

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Your Human Design authority indicates the ideal way for you to make decisions. When you honour your authority, you are acting from your defined centers with consistent energy and you free up your mind from making decisions that it is not designed to make.

Combined with your strategy, you authority ensures that you are making choices that lead to feeling your signature; the feeling you feel when you’re aligned with life. The signature for each type is as follows:

  • Manifestor: Peace

  • Generator/MG: Satisfaction

  • Projector: Success

  • Reflector: Surprise

What is my Authority?

Your authority is determined through a hierarchy of the centers that are defined in your chart. Simply put, whichever defined center in your chart is highest on this list is your authority. If you are a reflector, you have lunar authority. Your authority will also be listed on your body graph from

  • Solar Plexus = emotional authority

  • Sacral = sacral authority

  • Spleen = splenic authority

  • Heart/Will = ego authority

  • G Center = self-projected authority

  • All undefined except Ajna/Head/Throat = Mental Authority/Sounding Board

Emotional Authority

If you have emotional authority you’ve probably been pressured into making decisions you weren’t ready to make, you might have a dread for decision making, or struggle with feeling clear. You have possibly experienced a situation where you’ve agreed to something and then later wondered why the heck you committed to something like that in the first place.

Emotional authorities are not designed to make spontaneous decisions, they are designed to employ the seductive sales technique of “let me sleep on it”. Here’s why: the energy of the solar plexus moves in waves and, like a surfer, you're designed to ride those waves through awareness. Once you've flowed through that wave, you've now seen that decision in all it's highs and lows - finding yourself in a moment of calm clarity. Clarity comes in time.

You also have the chance to see how the other person reacts to your request. There’s an energetic exchange when you ask for time and it will either be honoured or not. If not, it wasn’t the right relationship for you. Often times, this leaves room for a new, better opportunity.

Emotional authorities may not always feel 100% certain, but when you wait through the wave, you can ensure you’re not making an impulsive choice that will later be regretted. Clarity comes with time for you, honour it!

Sacral Authority

If your sacral is red and your solar plexus is undefined, you have sacral authority. You probably already use this authority and just call it your gut! As a kid (or maybe adult) you might have had strong desires to not do something, standing your ground, arms crossed “uh uh” grunted with a furrowed brow, but maybe you were forced to do it anyways. Maybe you’ve had instances where you’ve said yes to something without knowing why, and it led to an incredible opportunity. That’s your sacral response.

With your sacral response, you have a build in GPS system. When you learn to trust and honour this inner magic 8 ball, you engage with opportunities that are turning your sacral center on and declining those that turn it off. Since your sacral is your great source of sustainable energy, when you use it correctly, you’ll have all the energy you need to do what you want to do.

The best way to connect with your sacral is to have someone ask you yes/no questions. Try responding with “uh huh” for yes and “uh uh” for no to really tap into those sacral sounds. You’ll start to see how much easier it is to make decisions when you employ the sacral power.

*If your solar plexus is also defined, you still have access to this sacral GPS, but the solar plexus is louder so you have emotional authority. You still need to wait out that wave before making your decision. Read about emotional authority above.*

Splenic Authority

The spleen is in charge of survival and time, so this authority will be best defined as intuition. With splenic authority you’ve probably had experiences where your intuition has spoken up and protected you from a bad path. Or maybe you’ve had experiences where you’ve looked back and thought, “I had a feeling that was a bad idea”.

With splenic authority, you have quick, in the moment intuition being fed to you. When I say in the moment, I mean in the moment. The spleen speaks once in a soft but assured tone, and then it’s done, there’s no nagging reminders. Don’t challenge it, don’t question it, don’t let others override your decision. Splenic authority can be challenging at the beginning, but once you begin to tune in, you’ll hear those messages loud and clear; and you’ll know to trust them enough to honour them.

Ego Authority

If you have a defined heart/will connected to your throat, you are a manifestor with ego authority. The best decisions you’ve made probably come somewhat spontaneously and blurt themselves out. You might look back on things and say, “I don’t know what I was thinking, but that was good”. With ego authority, you don’t really have to wait for anything before making a decision, but you do need to be mindful of your energy.

Since the energy of the heart is cyclical, flowing between work and rest, it’s important for you to check in with how you’re feeling before making the leap into a new venture. The defined heart loves to commit and use that incredible willpower, but if you jump in when you’re over worked you run the risk of burning out or hurting yourself.

Ego authorities have to learn to trust their blurts. Your heart is connected to your throat, so that which is blurted is coming straight from your authority. When you hear what you blurt, you’re listening to your authority. If you speak from your mind, you’re missing out on your authority. Learn to trust what you say and try not to filter it

Self Projected Authority

Your G center is connected to your throat, so you have self-projected authority. You’ve possibly found that you have certain people you like to talk through your decisions with. Since your G center is in charge of identity, love and direction – you are being guided by how things relate to your identity and your life direction. Much like the ego authority with the connection to throat, it’s important that you listen to what you say. Your voice comes from your identity and will speak when it is responding to an invitation – listen to your voice without mental filter. That is your truth.

It’s good for you to discuss your options with others, but ensure that they are people that you are comfortable with. But remember, you’re discussing things so you can hear yourself and see your options in front of you…not so you can be swayed by their opinion.

Environmental/Mental Authority

Another projector only authority – you have no inner personal authority. But you are highly skilled at taking in energy through your undefined centers. This allows you to have the ability to be wise about what spaces, people, and experiences feel good (or not). Use this superpower to take in information about the environments you are in/going to be in and whether they feel good or not. If you enter a building for a job interview and immediately feel the space is incorrect for you – honour that, the deals made there will also likely be incorrect for you.

It can also be beneficial for you to discuss your options with a trusted group, but much like the self-projected authority, do it so you can hear your own thoughts and see your options in front of you, not to receive advice.

Lunar Authority

Reflectors have lunar authority, as the only type ruled by the moon, with no defined centers. You are given permission to taking things slow, don’t be rushed. Ra suggested waiting the moons 28-day cycle while the moon visits each gate before making an important decision (no, you don’t have to plan your lunch 28 days in advance).

You will also benefit from being selective about your environment. With your superskill of taking in energy, a bad space will feel bad and you’ll know it. Pay attention to how you feel in different environments and with different people – that will guide you towards the right opportunities and keep you healthy. With the right people, you can also be free to talk through your choices and hear yourself talk first hand.

What's next?

Start playing with your authority over the next four weeks as you engage with the world. See what changes, does life feel easier? Is there less resistance? Do you feel more peace (Manifestors), satisfaction (Generators/MG), success (Projectors), or surprise (Reflectors)?

Up next you can read about your not-self and how it can be both your greatest challenge and greatest source of wisdom.

And if you're ready for the whole map of your unique Human Design, book a personal reading! We’ll discuss how your design might be affecting your life and how to make life better by embracing your most authentic parts!


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