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Your Human Design Type

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

One of the most beautiful things about your Human Design type is the reminder that we are each a piece of this complex puzzle of humanity. You, as a Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector or Reflector, are here for a purpose – to lead, to serve, to create, to share, to reflect…you're given a role in this lifetime.

Your human design type gives you a glimpse into your role, how you best interact in this world. There are 5 types in human design – based on the defined centers in your chart. You can see your chart at to find your type, then read up on it below.


Manifestors are here to gift the world with the power of initiation, getting stuff started. You're a Manifestor because you have a motor connected to your throat, you can express! If you’re a Manifestor, you’re someone who is capable of initiating action and bringing forward great impact to those around you. Manifestors are independent and can become phenomenal leaders when they nurture their authenticity. The world needs you to be the early starters, to get projects off the ground – no one can do it but you!

Sometimes you might be prone to anger, especially when people are trying to control you or are getting in your way. Often you might find others to be too slow, they don’t see what you see.

You might feel broken, impulsive – like you’re always going against the grain, or maybe that you struggle with making decisions. But within this anger and friction, lies the opportunity to harness your authentic skills as a Manifestor. By understanding your innate gifts (to manifest!) and tuning into your strategy and your authority, you’ll start to realign with how you are meant to move through this world with ease. You’ll find peace in doing the things you love, with less anger and less resistance.

And it's worth it for the rest of us, because a happy Manifestor kick starts the world - the parties, the revolutions, the ideas. We need you, initiators!


You’ve got the power! (Aka a defined sacral center!) When you're doing something you love, that lights you up? You have energizer bunny power – you can do it till it’s DONE. Generators are here to find their life’s work, you know, the stuff that lights you up and turns on that juicy, sustainable sacral energy. When you do, you feel deeply satisfied, you feel empowered, you attract all the opportunities and relationships you need in life.

As a Generator, you can struggle when you aren't aligned with your needs. This leads to frustration, hitting plateaus, or burning out. It can be hard for a Generator to change gears once you've committed to something and you might end up getting stuck doing something that's no longer working for you, making you frustrated. Staying engaged with your authority and your strategy is key in moving through these challenges.

Generators need to follow their strategy and authority in order to engage with the right opportunities, the ones that turn on your sacral energy. When you don’t follow your strategy and authority and commit to things that don’t align, you’ll experience burn out, frustration – or worse, you’ll get stuck working on someone else’s dreams. When you tune into and trust your strategy and authority, life gets easier and you feel satisfied to the highest degree.

Why does the world need Generators? Because you get things done with passion. Without your pure power, we wouldn't have the world that's built today.

Manifesting Generators

Manifesting Generators are a subtype of Generators – so give that section a read as well. The difference between the two: MGs also have a motor connection to the throat on top of the sacral definition.

On top of all that Generator goodness, MGs bring the added power of being able to manifest (to an extent) through the throat. You have the power to express and have your ideas heard and it makes you quick in action. You have the capacity to empower others, do it all yourself, and let’s talk about multitasking: efficient, you are! You can see the end game and identify the quickest path, so you’ll often have many things on the go.

You also have the potential to struggle with losing focus and skipping steps if you’re not moving with intention. MGs want to get it done with efficiency and this can cause you to miss steps and have to backtrack, which can feel frustrating. The potential for frustration, anger, and burnout is always risk, but it simply acts as a reminder to follow your strategy and authority. When you do? Satisfaction!

The world welcomes MGs with open arms because they get stuff done hella efficiently and they have the power to empower!


Our wise projectors – your being is the gift, the energy you project: it’s magnetic, its strategic, it’s wise. Projectors have no motor to the throat (like generators) and are non-sacral (like manifestors) – and with that you bring the wisdom to keep the rest of us on track.

The project managers on the construction site, the wise guides, the patient man on the hill waiting to be called upon for their deep inherent wisdom. The world needs you to help guide us – without your strategic being, the world would be manic. You are deeply insightful, you see what many do not. You might find that people are drawn to you and that you have many ideas and insights about how things should happen – this is a gift when you are selective about who has access to it.

Being a projector comes with it’s challenges, too. Projectors are not here to work (like Generators) or initiate (like Manifestor), but you may have been lead to believe you should be. This isn’t correct for you, you're here to guide the world and expend energy only on those who will recognize your wisdom.

If you are burning out, feeling ignored, or bitter, are you trying to be a Generator? Are you trying to give advice to people who don't want it? Are you surrounded by people who don't recognize your inherent wisdom? By following your strategy and authority, you can be mindful of who and what you commit your energy to, and when you need to rest. If you feel like no one sees you or hears you, that's where your strategy comes in read more about strategy here.

Projector, we need you for your wisdom - honour it, and you, by being selective in who has access to you...then get ready to feel success!


Reflectors keep us on honest, helping us see what we need to see. You are the mirrors of the world with your completely undefined chart (all of your shapes are white). Your energy is sampling, always changing, and when honoured: you're joyful and care-free! Reflectors account for 1% of the population, making you the four leaf clovers of Human Design.

You are deeply connected, highly aware, and often have a oneness with nature. When following your human design, you can be incredible awakened and highly skilled at reflecting the injustices of the world. With your undefined centers, you have the potential for great wisdom, being able to experience the widest range of people, energies, emotions, experiences, and thoughts. You magnify and reflect the world around you.

With that openness, being a reflector can bring some challenges. With a completely undefined chart, you take on the energy of the people and environments you are in. You may struggle with getting caught up in it all, feeling highly emotional, pressurized, or maybe just feel like you're invisible. You might try to be like all the people around you, only to find yourself burnt out. This doesn’t have to be your reality.

When you learn your human design, you can connect to an understanding of your undefined centers and how they affect you. Most importantly – how to nurture your unique needs and skills to do what you’re here to do: reflect the worlds injustices and lead us towards a more cooperative and peaceful community. In honouring your Strategy and Authority, you'll find yourself pleasantly surprised.

What's next?

After learning about your Type, look up your Strategy to get to know how to best take action in the world!

Want the whole map? Book a Human Design Basic Reading to learn how to integrate your Type, Strategy, Authority, and Profile to align with a life that you love.


I'm Paula, Homeopath and Hypnotherapist. I help individuals reconnect with their body's innate wisdom so that they can support themselves as they heal and grow beyond their chronic symptoms.


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