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How Human Design changed my life

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

When I was first exposed to Human Design, I didn't believe it could change my simply seemed like another way to see myself – like the Enneagram, Meyers Briggs, or Astrology…

When I first learned my profile and type (2/4 Manifesting Generator), I found it interesting and then moved on with my life. But then, a few months later, Human Design started popping up all around me, over and over again. It was like I was being called to respond to it.

I started to dive into it, just for fun. Learning my partners design (also a 2/4 Manifesting Generator) and how we influenced each other…and then my families and friends.

It was all fun and games until I started to see how it could transform my life.

Around this same time, in January 2020, I discovered Hypnotherapy and decided I wanted to expand my toolkit to include hypnosis.

I started looking at an eight-day certification course in New York happening in June. It seemed thrilling – totally out of my comfort zone, and it came highly recommended. I put down a deposit and started planning the trip.

Your Authority

One of the major aspects of Human Design is your Authority. Your authority is the ideal method in which you make decisions – hint: it’s not through your logical mind. There are six different authorities in Human Design: Emotional, Sacral, Splenic, Ego, Self-Projected, and Mental Authority.

I have a Sacral Authority, meaning I respond to things in my environment with a sort of gut sense of Uh huh (yes), or Uh uh (no).

When I logically looked at this opportunity, New York was an adventure that provided me with an exceptional opportunity to learn Integrative Hypnosis. Also logically, I couldn’t afford the trip. But logically, I could find the money. Logically, my parents and my partner were thrilled to tag along and make a trip out of it. Logically – this sounds fun and beneficial...why not!

My logic drove me to put down a deposit – but my Sacral Authority prevented me from booking a plane ticket…under the guise of “waiting for a good deal”. (Often when the sacral gives us a "meh", it means we need more time or information)

One day, that “good deal” came and it was time to book that flight. I recalled my knowledge of my human design – my sacral authority would respond to this opportunity with a sacral Uh huh (YES!) or a strong sacral Uh uh (NO!). I sat staring at my computer, the browser waiting for me to input my credit card number.

Uh uh. Big no. Mega STOP.

I knew I wanted to learn Hypnosis, but my sacral was telling me New York wasn’t the right option. So I trusted it and closed the browser – turning to google to learn about other programs.

I ended up on the “Manitoba Hypnotherapy Association” website, something I had never heard of until that moment, and I emailed them asking if they had any suggestions for courses. I immediately got an email back (on a Friday night!) which told me there was a full hypnotherapy training program beginning the first weekend of February - next weekend. I was told I had to confirm by Sunday morning in order to get in. My sacral was screaming yes, but I humoured my partners caution and waited until Sunday to send my deposit.

Looking back, this was the best decision I could have made:

· Due to the pandemic, my New York trip would have been cancelled and I would have spent weeks worrying about cancelling or not

· I certified three months earlier than I would have

· I received an invaluable tool to help me (personally and professionally) through the pandemic.

· I saved thousands of dollars by not travelling to New York

· I was able to watch the New York course via recordings after taking the course in Winnipeg – doubling down on my education.

· The training here in Winnipeg changed my life – and I can't imagine trading in that group, that environment, and that course for anything else.

Since then, my Human Design and my authority have been the driving forces of my life. Allowing me to make powerful and informed decisions that are perfectly correct for me. From the way I eat, to making decisions about my health, to planning my wedding, to quitting Instagram (I did that this week…and it feels perfectly correct for me)!

Human Design gives me a secret GPS system to navigate my life with integrity and empowerment, but it also gives me a new understanding of the people around me – their gifts, their challenges, how to support them, and how their energy affects mine and vice versa.

Human Design is not a personality test, it doesn’t just tell you who you are; it gives you tools, understanding, and strategies for living your authentic life. It shows you how you can be the most empowered version of yourself, to contribute your highest purpose to the world – and that is where healing happens.

Human Design is the amalgamation of astrology, I Ching, Kabbalah, the Chakras, and quantum physics. It gifts you a personalized map of your inner being that teaches you how to live authentically according to your unique needs.

If you’re ready to nourish your authenticity, Human Design will give you the map.

What's next?

Pull your chart at and then peruse the blog to learn about your Human Design. If this is brand new to you, just start with your type!

If you're ready to hear your whole story, book a Human Design Reading with me to learn how to integrate your Human Design to align with a life that you love.


I'm Paula, Homeopath and Hypnotherapist. I help individuals reconnect with their body's innate wisdom so that they can support themselves as they heal and grow beyond their chronic symptoms.


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