KINsight: Inspiration for kinship 

10 min personalized audio for $40

Whether you are brand new to Human Design or well versed on the subject, Rise Up gives you simple and profound insight into your (inner) child's Human Design.


This personalized audio recording gives you practical insight into nourishing your (inner) child’s authenticity according to their Human Design. This audio is personalized using your:


  • your child's unique needs

  • how to best nurture their gifts

  • how to guide them in trusting their inner authority 


Best of all, you’ll be reminded of how incredible your little human is, even on the rough days.


This is for all parents looking to make parenting easier, especially if you are:


  • A new parent looking for a glimpse into the complex mind of your little one

  • Needing more personalized support for your child's unique needs

  • Curious about Human Design for your child (but don't have time to dive down the rabbit hole)

  • Seeing how incredibly unique your child is & wanting to support that the best way you can

  • Tired of parenting feeling like a battle, ready to see your kids in a new light


This is for you.


Rise Up is a ten-minute recording personalized to your child’s Human Design and your parenting needs. It's delivered in a hypnotic way that invites you to connect with your child in a new way.


You'll listen to it over-and-over again to connect with the insight. You can share it with anyone who cares for your child to help them build a deeper relationship. You can listen to it when parenting is hard and you need to be reminded of how powerful, how insightful and, overall, how incredible your little human is.


Understanding your child's Human Design clues you into guidance that is specific to their needs. Instead of trying to fit them into a box, it gives you the tools build a world that encourages them to rise up.