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Homeopathy for Pandemic Transitions

Anytime we move from an active trauma state into a recovery state, there can be a great exhale of symptoms - and no matter how the pandemic has specifically affected you, it has been traumatic for our nervous systems.

From lost relationships, lost experiences, existing in a state of unknowns, losing loved ones, ever-changing restrictions and mandates...

As we are not all the same, the ways the pandemic has affected us varies.

Our common humanity, however, remains the same. Within our different experiences exists the same need to be seen, cared for, and supported as we move through challenged. No matter how the story is told.

As we close out year two of the pandemic, we are seeing the deep impacts that it has had on us all. Within clients, friends, and colleagues I've heard so many varying feelings about restrictions lifting and moving into "normal" life.

I don't know what comes next. I don't know what the fall brings. But I know that from a trauma perspective when the acute trauma ends, when survival mode ends, the healing begins. And healing needs just as much support as survival.

Below are a few Homeopathic remedies for some of the fears or emotions you might be feeling as we shift out of restrictions, if you're not sure how to use these remedies I recommend checking out my course "Homeopathy at Home" to learn about using remedies acutely.

If you want more support, I recommend booking a curiosity call with me to chat about Homeopathy as an option for healing.

Six Remedies for Pandemic Transitions

Ignatia: For grief, for those who lost anything and anyone. Symptoms include a heaviness, feeling full of emotions, lots of sighing, crying, or feeling like you need to cry but can't. I call this one the homeopathic hug.

Arsenicum Album: For anxiety about health, lots of fear of illness. For those who feel anxious about restrictions lifting. There is a desire for control in Arsenicum, to control finances, health, to have things in perfect order. Often driven by fear, mandated restriction might have felt really secure for you. Physically there may be digestive issues, burning symptoms.

Staphysagria: For those who feel boundaries have been crossed. You may feel angry, indignant, may suppress emotions and feel upset that you did something you didn't want to do. Common remedy for abuse and swallowed anger. "How dare they" is a common statement for Staph, you've been wronged. There can be UTI's or other urogenital issues here, but there doesn't have to be to take it.

Causticum: Angry about injustice. For those with intense sympathy for the suffering of others, primarily those in their group. Anarchy is within Causticum - a hatred for the government and a sense that you must protect the group. If the group is well, I am well. Can be idealistic, or later on feel hopeless.

Gelsemium: Ailments from bad news, anticipatory anxiety, strong emotions - also the stage fright remedy. For those anxious about socializing, being in public, crowds, fear of sickness. Arsenicum is much more fearful of illness, Gelsemium is fearful of the people. Great remedy for kids who might be feeling anxious about school - often comes on with a tummy ache and diarrhea.

Kali Carb: Rigid mind, right vs wrong, think don't feel, ruled by the mind. Similar to Causticum; if the family is okay I am okay. Needs the support of the family, so must ensure they are well. For those who may have a deeper feeling of weakness and control, science, rules, regulations, all help you feel safe. Can have back pain/weakness, trouble sleeping, respiratory issues.

There are many more remedies that can be supportive for times like this, to help guide you along in transition phases - or to move through challenging experiences as a whole.

I support individuals in healing through chronic dis-ease so that they can get back to living a life they love. To learn more about working together, click here.

Remember that we're all moving through this the best we can, carrying the baggage and flavours of our past experiences. Find compassion for your own journey so that you can do the same for others.



I'm Paula, Homeopath and Hypnotherapist. I help individuals reconnect with their body's innate wisdom so that they can support themselves as they heal and grow beyond their chronic symptoms.


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