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The Healthy Immune Response

The healthy immune response was shared in this way in Kate Birch's proving of the coronavirus Nosode. I was reading this proving earlier this week as I recovered from being sick and as I did, I noticed that I was able to easily identify each unique stage of the healthy immune response in myself.

I went through the chills and fever as my body mounted a response, that lasted about 24 hours...then I had about 24 hours of body aches and fatigue as my fever broke. What I can describe as feeling like my body was doing it's best to regulate and rest after a major reactionary phase.

I had some challenges with resting due to some unconscious beliefs about being worthy enough to rest...that's another post! But once I got through that and actually turned off my work brain - I rested right into the sniffly phase of discharge. At first I felt like I was getting sick again after having recovered - but my healthier, more "functional" brain can see that for what it was...the release.

My body was doing exactly what it needed to be doing.

Interestingly enough, I went through a lot of mental/emotional release too. In German New Medicine, things like colds are seen as a release after an emotional conflict. This doesn't surprise me, after having a rather emotional holiday season (and 2021), I felt like I had survived. Understandably, part of my discharge phase involved a lot of crying and moving emotions through breath and movement.

I applied this chart to a few patient cases that I was feeling stuck on, what was I missing? Where did they get stuck in this healthy immune response? Why didn't their process reach the end? Why did their process end in chronic dis-ease?

I started to see that suppression at various stages in this process creates stuckness in those parts. That stuckness becomes chronic dis-ease.

When I looked at patients with anxiety, depression, panic disorders, low self-esteem...the same chart came forward in my mind with some adjustments.

I noticed the same thing, suppression in any of the above stages during emotionally charged events, created chronic dis-ease as the body tried to complete the circuit.

The chronic dis-ease was really just the body trying really hard to re-initiate the process, so that the circuit could be completed. As if it we're screaming, "Listen to me!".

Kate Birch described this as "incomplete resolutions" - the body has a path it wants to walk down, only to have a tree land in front of it. It's stuck, with no way out.

When your body musters up symptoms, it is not random. It's the pure mastery of nature at work.

If the path to chronic dis-ease is paved by acute suppression, how can you learn to support it instead?

Are you allowing yourself to express emotions when they come up? Are you holding space to break through old stories that are keeping you stuck? Can you sit with your pain and let it talk to you? Can you hear it's message?

And alongside that, Homeopathy is the dynamic medicine that helps bust those fallen trees off the pathway. Whether they're your trees or your ancestors. Homeopathy helps you move through those circuits to completion so that you can come out the other side, resilient and immune.

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I'm Paula, Homeopath and Hypnotherapist. I help individuals reconnect with their body's innate wisdom so that they can support themselves as they heal and grow beyond their chronic symptoms.


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