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Your Mind Body Connection Can Heal You

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

In every moment, the symptoms of our body are communicating the needs of our subconscious mind.

This is based on two perspectives:

  1. Your body is your subsconscious mind. (Candace Pert)

  2. Your symptoms exist to protect you.

Your dry mouth signals thirst, your burnt thumb says “let go of that pan!”, your tears ask you to feel and express hurt - body yells, you answer. When we can clearly identify the cause and effect of our symptom, we can tend to our needs. As kids, this was modelled to us by our parents and our peers.

But if we weren't modelled how to process emotions like anger or sadness in a healthy way, our body might have learned to turn those things into ("random") physical symptoms. For many, anger turned into ulcers or headaches and the connection was never made, so those ulcers and headaches turned chronic and we lived with it.

Nothing in the body is random. Your symptoms always connect to subconscious needs - whether those needs are met or not depends on whether they are brought to consciousness. In cases where those needs remain outside of consciousness, when we are not taught how to listen to the mind body connection, our needs don’t get met and the symptoms stay stuck.

When your stomach grumbles, you know to eat.

When your body feels angry, do you know to express your needs?

When your back pain flares, can you recognize that you need support?

When you learn to hear the language of your body with curiosity, you foster self-awareness. You begin to explore and bring forward the subconscious thoughts. You start to see that your migraines are aggravated by your partner not listening to you. Bringing things to consciousness creates space for meeting your needs on all levels. When those needs are met, the symptoms don't need to show up. Tuning in creates space for healing.

And while there is opportunity for deeper healing in every symptom, sometimes you just need to treat the symptom. That's okay, both are possible!

When your neck stiffens up "out of nowhere", you can explore the potential emotional causes while you get a massage. If you get yet another migraine, explore your mind body connection and then practice your favourite way to relieve it.

If you're not in a space to go deep, do what you need to feel good. Support your body and if that message was important, it will come back up.

This perspective invites you to befriend your body and befriend your symptoms. How can you hear them, witness them, and support them? How can you invite them in as resistance that helps you grow?

When you get curious, you might just come across a tiny piece of insight that helps you step more into who you are.

Pick a symptom you’re experiencing and try out the questions below:

  • What does the symptom feel like?

  • What does this symptom stop me from doing?

  • What does it force me to do?

  • Wave the magic're healed! What can you do? If you can do that, then what? (Repeat at least 7 times to get to the core)

This practice can be done for any symptom that arises. Sore muscles, injuries, colds, allergies, headaches, anxiety - any observable changes in the body, mind, or soul. The purpose is not to fix, it's to become more aware so that you can support yourself in a more holistic way. Connection to self fosters health!

In my new course Mind Body Reconnection, you do a deep dive into what you need in healing. Working from the ground up, from daily needs to choosing practitioners, this course realigns you with a healing plan that feels supportive and actually works. Learn more and purchase here.

For more information on how Homeopathy can help you individually, book a curiosity call with me!


I'm Paula, Homeopath and Hypnotherapist. I help individuals reconnect with their body's innate wisdom so that they can support themselves as they heal and grow beyond their chronic symptoms.


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