You're stuck in healing that just isn't working, spinning your wheels with appointment after appointment. This self-paced course helps you reconnect with your core needs and the messages of your body so that you can advocate for healing that works for you.


Move from relying on symptom managements to thriving in a life you love.


Mind Body Reconnection is a two part self-paced course. You will explore: 

  • Your four bodies and their needs
  • The expression of your symptoms
  • Your mind body connection
  • Your relationships
  • Your therapeutic relationships & treatments 
  • Your future self 


Included: 6 audio lessons and corresponding worksheets, two guided hypnosis', and a 30 minute session with Paula!


Upon purchase, you will receive a PDF download with instructions to access your course. Please be sure to save the PDF to your computer!

Mind Body Reconnection