• Paula Jeffrey

Self-Hypnosis: The insight is within

This is an excerpt from a self-hypnosis session. I was seeking guidance and clarity on an idea that was intriguing, but felt scattered. My intention was to find answers or insight as to how I should proceed next. Here's what happened:


I walked down a stairwell to a big wooden door. It opened up to a library filled with books stacked to the top of the 100 foot ceilings. Thousands of books, full of possibility and insight. Ladders and stairways leading up to the tops. I was sure my answer would be here.

I needed guidance, clarity, answers. I wandered around, climbing higher, peeking around corners, until a book called out to me. It was on a shelf, in between many others. It was old and worn and brown. It had no title. I opened it up and it showed me the phrase:

The insight is within.

I put it back and grabbed another. Same thing. And another and another. Same same same.

Thousands of books screaming the same four words - where was the answer I was looking for?

I walked over to this big picturesque window on the far side of the library, puzzled by the books. I looked down and out the window and saw children playing soccer. A scene unfolded in which a child enthusiastically scored...on the wrong goal.

My heart ached for the embarrassment he must have felt, he’ll be ostracized, he must feel awful. But then, I saw his team gather around and pat him on the back, smiles of compassion abound - I could hear them praising his wicked shot, forgiving the outcome, encouraging him for next time. He went from dejected to empowered.

I made my way back through the library, up the stairs and back to my body. I returned to my journal and reflected:

The insight is within, you already know what to do.

I am safe & I am loved.

I am forgiven & I am accepted.

Mistakes become lessons when met with compassion - I accept them, I learn, I release, I grow.

It turns out the clarity I was looking for was the reminder that perfectionism will keep you on the sidelines. The right next step is the one that you take - go for it, take the shot, give it your all, then try again.

The insight is within.✨


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