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A journey in self-hypnosis: the luminosity of success

After an incredibly interesting self-hypnosis session, I wrote this recount of what happened. I hope it inspires or nudges you to see what's behind a new door for you.


I landed in a lush green forest and began by grounding myself like a tree. I saw energy move through me, from the earth to my feet to the top of my head. I felt the excess energy of days past release - I was lighter, more free.

I walked through the forest towards a door, a door that opened to a hallway of doors. As I opened the main door, I looked around at the doors in the hallway. The one on the far end, on the right side called me forward. It was old and made of wood. Detailed with fine engravings, an aged discoloured brown. The brass doorknob was cold in my hand as I turned it.

I entered the room and felt a sense of trepidation: it was wide open and white. No walls, no ceiling. It was empty, barren, with a lone chair. It felt cold and unwelcoming and lacked personality.

I made it feel better - I added plants, I added a big cozy couch, a colourful rug. I painted the walls a deep, navy blue. It felt better, but superficially so. It felt staged, like it was designed for someone else's eyes - to appeal to the masses.

I left the room and closed the door. On my right, I saw a door with a glowing green exit sign above that called me, “yes, let’s get out of here”.

It opened into a beautiful, colourful, bountiful garden. Flowers blooming, grass green, the air felt magical. I could see a calm mist in the trees, a glistening of the dew on the grass.

I wandered through it, feeling warmth in my heart, ease in my soul. I found myself on a bridge over a gently, bubbling creek. I looked down to see my reflection - she was beautiful. Lush, curly red hair, at ease, happy. She came alive and told me, “we are all that we need to be, we are enough”.

I admired her a little longer, felt her reassurance soften my fears, then made my way back to the hallway. I opened the door and noticed a new door at the other end, again, on the right. It was bright yellow, brand new. It almost glowed. On the door, a sign read "success".

I floated towards it and turned the silver handle without hesitation.

The room was so bright I had to shield my eyes, I looked for a light switch to dim the light, it was too much, to overwhelming.

But something told me this light was not to be dimmed. It was me who had to adjust.

So I took my time, softened my gaze, and slowly I saw the room was FULL of all of my favourite things, of everything I'd ever wanted. It was a joyful, bright, and self-assured room. It was cozy, homey, and full of personality. Everywhere I looked, I saw me.

This room was everything the first room was not.

I felt my body grow taller in this room, confidence exuded from my chest. I became bright like the room. I stood for a while, embodying the joy and success of this room - this is me. I am success, I am whole, I am everything.


When I returned to self, I pulled a tarot card and saw the magician looking back at me. It compounded that I have all I need to manifest the life I desire, to step through that yellow door, to adjust to the luminosity of success.

This hypnosis took me through a journey of self healing. It invited me to see the blandness of a room created for the masses, protected but inauthentic. Then it showed me the true success of seeing my innate self worth. After connecting with my true self, I experienced what it felt like to live up to my potential - to feel my own success, to see how bright it shines, and to adapt, to rise up.

Hypnosis can be a beautiful tool for diving into the metaphorical world of our mind - with curiosity and compassion, these metaphors open up new doorways and invite us to see our inner world in a new way.

I wonder what your doorway to success looks like. When you're ready to explore it, I'll be here.

With love,



I'm Paula, Homeopath and Hypnotherapist. I help individuals reconnect with their body's innate wisdom so that they can support themselves as they heal and grow beyond their chronic symptoms.


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