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Mind Body


Your body is telling you exactly what it needs to heal and you're ready to learn its language.

This course brings you back to your body so that you can heal. It will teach you how to listen to your symptoms in a more collaborative way and help you create a healing plan that honours your unique needs. By the end of this course you will have a brand new perspective on health and pure confidence in your body's ability to heal.

The Course:

Mind Body Reconnection bridges your internal & external needs so that you can build a healing plan rooted in a strong foundation.



When you are rooted in your needs, even as they change, you can make empowered choices in healing. Part one invites you to tune in + learn the language of your body so that you are more connected to your needs.


By the end of part one, you will have clarity surrounding your daily needs, a new perspective on how your body expresses symptoms, and prompts that will help you turn nagging symptoms into nuggets of wisdom. 

Now that your foundation is well rooted in your needs and the messages of your body, you know exactly which external supports you need to help you heal.


By the end of part two you will have more awareness about how your communities impact your health, you will know how to employ practitioners who support you rather than save you, and you'll foster a deep connection with future you - who is healthy, strong, and self-aware!

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Is this for you?

Yes! You have been trying to heal for a long time but are still struggling with recurrent symptoms, habits, and mindsets. You're ready to take a brand new approach to healing so that you can get back to doing the things you love.

Yes! You have appointment fatigue and have thrown thousands of dollars at healing modalities but aren't sure if that's gotten you anything but a cupboard full of supplements. You're ready to take an intentional approach to healing that actually works.

Yes! You feel like you're missing an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to healing, you know what you want (to feel better) but you're not getting any closer to it. You're ready to get honest and curious about what your body is truly telling you.

Every symptom that you feel is a message from the Mind Body Connection

and knowing this, you can confidently deliver the exact support it needs to heal

What you get:

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Six audio lessons and corresponding worksheets covering: the four bodies, symptoms expression & suppression, the mind body connection, community relationships, practitioner support & your future self.

Two guided hypnosis' to go deeper with your awareness & your healing.

One 30-minute session (on zoom) with Paula to ask questions, explore stuck points, and go deeper with your journey.

Most importantly: a renewed and aligned perspective that empowers your healing journey!

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