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Meeting Your Wise Advocate

Who is the Wise Advocate?


Your wise advocate is a direct line into your unconscious mind. Your wise advocate might be a person, a being, an animal, or something in-between. It is a direct line to your inner self, your guide, or a good friend who tells you like it is.

I visit my wise advocate often as a self-hypnosis practice. Anytime I am stuck, lost, making a tough decision, or just need some guidance. Sometimes my wise advocate provides me with comfort, an answer to a question, a lesson, and sometimes it's just another question!

The more you tune in, the easier it gets to tune into your inner guidance anytime you need.

Along with the 18-minute recording, this hypnosis includes tips on how to best communicate with your wise advocate, ideas for what questions to ask, and journalling prompts for after your journey.

It can be repeated as often as you like and, with practice, will become a valuable self-hypnosis tool.


Meeting Your Wise Advocate

GST/HST Included
  • File is downloaded as a ZIP containing (1) hypnosis (MP3) and (1) written guide (PDF).

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