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How My Thyroid is Healing Me

I shared recently on Instagram that my homeopath moved me up to Nat Mur 50M and after the first dose, I felt GREAT. Please note: 50M is a very high dose, do not take unless prescribed by your homeopath! When people take on the career path of guiding others in healing, we often think that means we have to be completely healthy. We can’t show our weakness in health, we can’t break the rules, we can't eat half a box of halloween candy. (I can and sometimes I will! #nuxvomica) I still fall into the trap of only sharing awesome healing things, and filtering the reality. So what I didn’t share in that story, was that a couple weeks later, my body started going through a subtle but powerful healing aggravation like no other. Before it gets better, it gets worse.

My energy crashed, appetite shifted, mood plummeted, creativity zapped. Self-doubt, self-judgment, lack of motivation. It all hit me like bricks.

This week I emailed my homeopath and let her know, we think I might be hitting a new layer of healing - and it involves my thyroid.

I’d noticed my thyroid feeling more present since the first dose of Nat Mur 50M and had been ignoring it. Doctors terrify me, I’ve had many bad experiences with them, and the idea of having to confront them or explain to them I’d do this my way before I chose theirs - was terrifying. Yet it’s something my patients do every day. My empowering, freaking amazing clients fought for their right to health every day. So, I can too.

First I ranted to Tyler, let out all of my fears so I could see them in front of me. Then I did hypnosis. Then I saw the doctor, and tomorrow I’ll get my blood drawn (the walk-in doctor was really kind, so I’m implanting his face into my “doctor” file to help reframe those old stories).

But here’s the most important step for me right now: If I’m reaching a new layer of physical healing, that means I’m reaching a new layer of mental/emotional healing. Homeopathy does it all, and there is great potential for transformation here.

(As you read on, keep in mind that women are 5-8x more likely than men to have thyroid issues and 1 in 8 women do at some point in their life. And then remember that illness is the product of suppression.)

The throat is connected with the “I AM”, creativity, abundance, and expression. It houses your voice, your expression. It connected the head to the heart - two powerhouses of your body and self. The throat is critical in representing who you are.

Lise Bourbeau says beautifully about the throat chakra: “By listening to the voice of your true needs, you honour your I AM, and from this point of balance and harmony, there can only be abundance on all levels”. 

The thyroid  is located in the throat. When underactive (hypothyroid - *see hyperthyroid below), is related to wanting to be active, but struggling to proclaim your desires. Believing that you can’t go after your desires, fearful before even getting started, possibly someone in your childhood made you feel like you couldn’t go after what you wanted and now you believe that.

I explored this by tuning into my inner child and asking when I might have felt that way. I listed a dozen situations - big and small, where my needs got put aside because I didn’t feel I deserved to take up that space. I felt stepped on, looked over, ignored, suppressed. I felt like I needed to hide, walk on eggshells, and avoid being seen. 

In my life today (particularly this year), much of my healing has surrounded my struggles with what I want. Believing I am worthy of it and the fear of stepping out of the shadows and being seen as I am. I’ve noticed all the ways I self-sabotage when I’m about to receive something that I once wanted so deeply, and how I keep myself small, contained, hidden. Does that resonate with you, at all?

Funny enough, despite never having any actual thyroid disorders, I can list 5 instances in my life where doctors/professionals have expressed concern for my thyroid - yet it was always fine, just how it may very well be fine this time too. Yet this message, about the emotional role of the thyroid, has always been intertwined in my life. The body talks, when you listen.

There is a power in listening to your body that can change the way you heal - the body, mind, and soul are deeply connected and as soon as you begin to connect them in your healing, you can transform the way you heal. You may eat 3, 5, 8, 10 times a day, but you think an average of 6,000 thoughts per day - changing your diet can be helpful, but if the same limiting beliefs are being consumed by your mind, how will you ever heal?

Take back your power Own your health. Use your practitioners to nudge you along and support your journey, but know that the action of each step starts in you. Until you own that power and face the music of the internal stories you hold, things will stagnate, you’ll be chasing your tail (and developing appointment fatigue).

If you want to take it further - send me an email and let's find out if we can work together to unlock new layers of health. I know you can, even when you've been told this is "all we can do". 

I’m always evolving the way I practice, so that I can serve you better. So that in my presence, you find empowerment and deep, true healing.

I hope this story inspires you to seek more from your healing, to take back the power that was always there. Here to heal with you,

Paula *Hyperthyroid is often related to doing too much and expending too much energy trying to engineer the life of others. It is calling you to slow down and pay attention to your needs/wants. There is a need to prove or validate self and actions are often rooted in misplaced motivation, not your true needs. You do not need to live in service of others or approach everything like its an emergency.


Journal Prompts For Building the Mind Body Connection

1. How does this symptom affect you? What does it feel like? Where is is? Write as much as you can about that symptoms and its affect on you.

2. What role does that body part/system play in your body? What is it's importance? 3. If you were magically healed, what could you do? Write a stream of consciousness by repeating these questions:

  • If I could _______, then what? (Who would I be, what would happen, what would others think?)

  • If (insert above answer), then what?

  • Repeat until you hit something that feels real.

Write as much as comes to mind and be mindful of any circumstances/people/emotions that come forward. They are likely related. When you're done, go back and read it over to look for any themes or connections. Be kind to yourself & lead with curiosity.


I'm Paula, Homeopath and Hypnotherapist. I help individuals reconnect with their body's innate wisdom so that they can support themselves as they heal and grow beyond their chronic symptoms.


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