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Every Ailment is an Opportunity to Heal

A patient contacted me last week for an acute with complaints of stomach pains, feeling feverish and fatigued. I prescribed a remedy (Carbo-Veg); she took a nap, woke up feeling okay. Later in the day she contacted me again with a worsening of the symptoms, we repeated the Carbo Veg every 10-15 minutes and the stomach pain seemed to move lower, and general symptoms improved.

The next day she still felt “off” but not debilitated. We talked about this coming out of nowhere, wondering why it happened.

“Maybe it’s a healing ailment”

Then, a patient told me there was a passing in her family. I offered her some Ignatia to share with those who needed it, to help journey through the grief without long term ill effects.

“Maybe this is an opportunity to grow”

A few days later, a friend suffered a concussion. My go to remedy for that is Arnica Montana (but if you have ailments that stick around after a concussion it’s worth booking a visit with me!) so I recommended that to start.

"Maybe this needs some extra help"

So stomach pains, grief, and a concussion walk into a blog post together…and you’re still looking for the punch line! We’ll get there.

I spent some time last night reflecting on my week and the patients I saw, particularly the three above.

The first, has come to know homeopathy quite well and what it can do, when to contact me and how to look at illness.

The second knew homeopathy slightly, but her family did not and didn’t think grief needed any sort of remedy.

The third had no idea but took the remedy “to try”, as otherwise she had nothing else to support the pain of the concussion.

But these three patients had one thing in common: an ailment that was capable of healing.

More often than not I have patients come to me after years of suffering. They don’t come when the concussion happens, they come when the headaches are driving them mad 3 years later. They don’t come in for acute grief, they come in for a crazy ear infection triggered by grief.

PSA: Skip the chronic illness and come see me for the acutes. It’s way less painful, and it's cheaper!

The beauty of homeopathy is you don’t need to wait for the chronic illness to set in - we can treat the symptoms that are there right now! Whether it is grief, concussion, or mystery stomach pains, by treating those minor befallments, we support the body and help it grow - we give ourselves room to heal properly and move on.

Text over green plants: Every ailment that we heal, is an opportunity to grow" and "Homeopathy with Paula"

By using homeopathy to support the healing of minor ailments, we help nudge the body along. The body is made to heal but sometime the grief is too heavy or we don’t slow down enough to give it the time to heal that cold. When we don’t heal properly, more chronic ailments set in: recurrent infections, headaches, a sadness that doesn’t lift.

Patient #1 connected later in the week and told me that after the “flu-like illness”, she no longer gets ear pain when she drinks coffee and red wine; something that was reliably aggravated before. It went away along with the stomach pains. Aha, a healing ailment.

The body is made to heal and to grow, sometimes it just needs a little extra support.

In good health,


I'm Paula, Homeopath and Hypnotherapist. I help individuals reconnect with their body's innate wisdom so that they can support themselves as they heal and grow beyond their chronic symptoms.


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