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Top 5 Remedies for Seasonal Allergies

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

As the snow begins to melt, I hear the grumblings of stuffy noses and sneezes. Coworkers comparing the early onset and severity of symptoms.

"My allergies have already started and they're awful!"

"I can't even breathe through my nose!"

Seasonal allergies, best described as a hypersensitivity to an external stimulus, are a common occurrence in the spring and summer seasons when allergens are on high. Symptoms may include: sneezing, runny nose, watering eyes, sore throat, irritation of the mucous membranes, skin irritations.

While allergies seem like a major crisis, they are a simple problem to treat homoeopathically. The good thing about allergies are that they show us the body is strong enough to "attack" incoming "invaders". The bad thing is that these invaders may not be as big and scary as the body thinks and our body is using up energy and resources on unnecessary battles.

Allergies are a sign we are off balance

So what do we do?

Many people turn to over-the-counter products; but these make us drowsy, dry, and then symptoms return.

Treated with Homeopathy, allergies can be a thing of the past.

When should you start treating your allergy symptoms? Before they begin. By seeing your homeopath before allergy season, we can strengthen the immune system ahead of time and proactively protect against allergies. Should symptoms still arise, they will be less intense, shorter lived, and we will have a remedy to control them. The more you use Homeopathy, the stronger your immune system becomes, and the less you will be bogged down by your ailments.

Missed the boat? As allergy season sets in, you may begin to experience your common allergies. Not to worry, using homeopathy at the earliest onset is the second best time to start! Treatment would look similar, but we would be treating the allergy symptoms more directly. The body still learns how to properly respond to allergens, and long term allergy issues will still be reduced.

What kind of remedies do we use?

Allium Cepa: Inflammation of the eyes and nose, lots of tears from the eyes with burning pain, wants to rub them. Discharge from the nose is very watery and irritates the skin. Violent sneezing. (Tip: this remedy is made from onion, and the symptoms it can treat are much like the symptoms experienced when cutting an onion!)

Gelsemium: Dull, droopy, drowsy. Allergies worse in the summer and in humid weather. There may be a slight fever and headache. Soreness in the eyes, can hardly lift the eyelids. Lots of sneezing with a tingly dry nose, discharge may burn. The patient is not thirsty

Sabadilla: Lots of sneezing with a runny nose, sneezing may cause a nose bleed or headache. There is itchiness in the nose and on the palate of the mouth. The eyes will water and eyelids may be red and hot. The patient is chilly and sensitive to cold, not thirsty but quite dry.

Arsenicum Album: Sneezy and Wheezy. Burning of the eyes and nose; tears are hot, burning the cheeks, mucous burns the upper lip. The patient is very restless and agitated. The nose alternates between blocked and runny. Sneezing may be extreme with a tickle in the nose that does not go away. Patient may be chilly, want small sips of warm drinks.

Euphrasia: Extremely watery eyes burn and itch, runny nose is bland and profuse. Eyes may produce a thick discharge that must be wiped away. Sneezing is intense, worse at night. Allergies are worse in the wind and sun, patient prefers darkness. Cough will be worse during the day and better at night.

Other common allergy remedies may include Natrum Muriaticum, Wyethia, Nux Vomica, Kali Iodatum, and more! While homeopathy is safe to use at home for acute illness, be sure to contact your homeopath with questions or when treating more chronic conditions

Contact Homeopathy With Paula today to make an appointment to treat your chronic allergies for good!

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Edited May 23, 2019: formatting, title, and remedy descriptions.

I'm Paula, Homeopath and Hypnotherapist. I help individuals reconnect with their body's innate wisdom so that they can support themselves as they heal and grow beyond their chronic symptoms.


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