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10 Homeopathic Remedies Made For Summer

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

Summer is here! Camping, swimming, biking, picnics, barbecues, fun in the sun - and of course...all the first aid blunders that come along with it. Luckily, Homeopathy is here to keep the fun going by preventing and healing all our minor bumps, bruises, bug bites, and burns.

To keep things simple, I've compiled my top ten summer remedies all in one place. Pick and choose the ones that suit you, or take them all! These are the "camping remedies" I don't leave the house without!

1. Arnica Montana

Our #1 trauma and injury remedy; take immediately following a bump or a fall, especially if there is a sore, bruised feeling. Someone needing Arnica may say they are fine and won't want to be touched. Also great for recovery (think: hiking, biking, swimming all day...) or general muscle pain.

2. Apis Melifica

Great for bee stings, rashes, and anaphylaxis (in conjunction with Epipen/while waiting for medical attention). Rashes needing Apis will be red and swollen, may look shiny. Lots of pain, burning, and itching. Desire for cold applications, which help.

3. Ledum

Puncture wounds, bug bites (mosquito, fly...), black eyes. Skin appears blue/purple. Feels worse with warm applications, but cold feels much better.

4. Belladonna

Sudden, high fevers with flushed red face and throbbing sensations. (Great if you're out with young kiddos!)

5. Gelsemium

One of the best remedies for treating Influenza. Also a wonderful treatment for sunstroke where there is shivering, shaking and fatigue (similar to the flu).

6. Bryonia

Excellent remedy for sprains, especially of the ankle, with excruciating pain and aggravation from any motion. Cold applications help, pain is very sore, sharp and severe.

7. Cantharis

An excellent remedy for those sensitive to the sun! For burns, from heat or the sun, that burn and itch intensely. Can be taken (alongside appropriate medical treatment) for 2nd and 3rd degree burns where blisters may form to reduce severity. Be sure to consult your physician in case of severe burns.

8. Nux Vomica

Everyones favourite hangover remedy! Also suitable for over-indulgence (food, alcohol, fun...) where headache and digestive distress are present. The patient may be irritable and bothered by everything.

9. Rhus Tox

Take immediately in cases of poison ivy. Also suitable for sprains and joint pain where the initial motion aggravates, but continued motion ameliorates; better with heat.

10. Calendula Cream

Used topically, Calendula is excellent for all sorts of superficial skin abrasions; scrapes, cuts, burns. Prevents inflammation and aids in healing. Not to be used on deep wounds.


Always seek professional medical assistance when required!

Law of Similars: A substance that can cause symptoms in a healthy person, can heal them in a sick patient. (Think of an onion, which causes our eyes to tear up and burn, being used for allergies)

Totality of Symptoms: Homeopathy treats the entire individual. You want the symptoms of the remedy to match the case, as close as possible.

For most acute events, the following dosing protocol can be followed:

  1. Start with 2-3 pellets dissolved under the tongue. I like to use 200CH on adults and 30CH on kids but in a pinch, it's best to use whatever you have!

  2. Repeat the dose every 15-30 minutes; more often for more intense/severe symptoms.

  3. If after 3-4 doses there is no improvement or change in symptoms, stop and look for a different remedy or consult your Homeopath.

  4. Stop dosing when you see a 75% improvement, repeat if any symptoms return.

To learn more about using Homeopathy at Home, click here! This comprehensive course demystifies Homeopathy and teaches you about potency, dosage, and 20+ top remedies for home acutes.

Stay cool and be well,


I'm Paula, Homeopath and Hypnotherapist. I help individuals reconnect with their body's innate wisdom so that they can support themselves as they heal and grow beyond their chronic symptoms.


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