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The Recipe For Healing

In this blog, we'll explore the two types of interventions that I believe create a strong supportive health plan. You'll learn the difference between the two and why they both matter! But first, let's explore the Vital Force, what is it?

Your Vital Force is the foundation of your whole health - in Homeopathic philosophy it is the energy that enlivens you. It is your soul, Prana, Qi, your energetic body!

Your vital force is what dictates your health, it is what regulates every other system in your body. When your vital force is in balance, your whole self is in balance.

I often compare the vital force to the tune of a guitar - when it's well tuned, you can play beautifully harmonic songs. But if one string is out of tune, that same song sounds off.

Like a guitar, your vital force must be tuned regularly to stay in harmony - but you also need to practice your chords, techniques, and music theory to be a good guitarist! A perfectly tuned guitar in the hands of someone who has never touched an instruments probably won't sound great!

When looking at healing through this lens, I believe that we approach dis-ease via two main interventions: healing interventions (tuning the guitar) and supportive interventions (practice + theory).

Healing interventions act gently on the Vital Force to stimulate healing from inside-out. They get to the root of dis-ease and relieve your susceptibility to the symptoms you're experiencing. This is repairing the foundation of your health.

These medicines are often energetically oriented and might include things like: acupuncture, homeopathy, energy healing, reiki, osteopathy, prayer.

Supportive interventions are equally as necessary in healing as they act on the windows and walls, the structure, of your health. They ensure that your body is well supported from outside-in and that there are not constant "attacks" on the vital force. Like building muscle strength to protect from back pain.

These medicines are still energetic (everything is energy!), but they are materially oriented. They act more so on the cellular, physical, and conscious level. Supportive interventions might include: movement and exercise, forms of talk therapy, massage, nutrition, supplementation.

The best supportive interventions get as close to the vital force as is safe and comfortable for where you're at. For example:

  • Mindset work when you're in your feelings is too deep.

  • If you're dissociated from feeling your physical body due to trauma, feeling your emotions won't be accessible.

  • If you feel physically unsafe, it will be too triggering to mentally dive into trauma work.

Where do you need support? In the mental, emotional, or physical body? Where are your current symptoms oriented? How can you support them to release?

The Recipe for Healing

In my experience, therapies that act on the vital force will always meet you where you're at and help guide the other three layers in releasing what needs to be released.

Much like a guitar, if you never tune it and simply blame the bad sounding notes on your lack of skill or deem the guitar "broken" - you're missing a key piece of the puzzle.

My approach, or my recipe to healing, is to pair healing the Vital Force with appropriate supportive interventions.

Use Homeopathy to reduce your susceptibility and learn how to feed yourself foods that help you feel strong and supported.

Use energy healing to clear blocks and release stuck trauma and go to therapy to examine and release the ways you might be repeating those patterns.

In my practice, I often see folks who have already done all the supportive stuff - they've done the diets, the supplements, the exercises, the surgeries, the pills. They come to Homeopathy either just needing that one last nudge (relieving the susceptibility in the vital force) or they are completely lost and need to remove all the noise of all the supports they've used.

In both cases, I focus on stimulating the Vital Force to do what it can through a well indicated remedy. Once we start talking to the vital force, it tells us what it needs (if we're listening!)

In others, who haven't "tried it all" yet, we take the same approach. We use Homeopathic remedies to stimulate the Vital Force and build capacity so that you can notice what your physical, mental, and emotional bodies need.

Healing and maintaining health is the combination of physical, emotional, and mental support + regular vital force tune ups.

If you are doing only one and ignoring the other, you will feel stuck and unsupported. Both play a role in feeding your capacity to be your more Vital self.

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I'm Paula, Homeopath and Hypnotherapist. I help individuals reconnect with their body's innate wisdom so that they can support themselves as they heal and grow beyond their chronic symptoms.


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