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Homeopathic Dosage is Like Golf

Homeopathic dosage is a lot like golf (I don't golf, but bear with me!).

In golf, your goal is to hit the ball hard enough to get it as close to the hole as possible.

If you hit it too hard, you end up in the water. Too light, it just doesn't get enough oomph to get where it needs to go.

You also have to factor in that the ball is going to roll on it's own because of the momentum you've given it. Add into that the laws of nature (like hills and wind), that ball has its own plan once it leaves your club.

Your job isn't to push the ball all the way to the hole, inch by inch, that would be boring.

Your job is to nudge the ball just enough, then surrender a little to the process that unfolds, then when it slows down to a nudge it again!

Homeopathy is about nudging, not forcing it.

Homeopathic dosage is about giving just enough of a nudge to get things going, then you let it ride.

Once the body is in motion, we don't interfere. Hands are off.

But if/when it stalls or pauses, we hear that and come back in with another nudge.

And just like in golf, less is more...

Get that homeopathic birdie!

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