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*This eBook is included in ALL courses on the website - if you have purchased or attended any of Paulas courses, scroll down to the course resources to download it!*


Answering all your questions about dosage and potency in one convenient place. This ebook is designed to help you better understand how to approach dosage + potency with homeopathy (it's quite different than how we use supplements + medications!). Including common remedy responses, when to repeat remedies, different methods of dosing, and two remedy response flow-charts to make dosage even more simple!


This eBook is 28 pages long and covers:

  • The Basics - how remedies are made, different potencies, pellets vs liquid, antidotes.
  • Potency - what potency is, when to use different potencies, symptom intensity guide, how to choose potency to match symptoms
  • Dosage - how to choose dosage, different methods of dosing + how to alter the dose, how many doses to give, and dosage overview
  • Remedy Responses - guide to the healing response and the direction of cure, what to do after your first dose, remedy response charts


Dosage & Potency for the Home Prescriber

GST/HST Included
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