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a homeopathic approach to cold & flu



Homeopathic Medicine

What if new symptoms got you excited?

Imagine this:


You notice somethings “off”. Your body isn’t quite behaving the way you normally expect it to - maybe a little tired, a little achey, maybe you’re more thirsty than usual or you have a slight sniffle.


How do you respond?


Most commonly, we’re taught that symptoms = sick = bad. So first sign of dis-ease and ya think, “Crap! I’m sick!”. You think of all the things you’ll have to cancel or how much harder the next few days will be. You wonder where you “caught” this, you feel helpless, you start a war against your symptoms.


But this perspective pits you against your body’s wisdom and disempowers you.


It detaches you from the wisdom that symptoms and acutes can provide.


What if, instead, you think Beyond “Sick”?

What if symptoms are a sign that you're already healing? What if your body is doing exactly what it needs to do? What if that first sniffle becomes your invitation to tune in, trust, and just see what magic your body can do?


Over this four week course we’re going to not only learn about homeopathic remedies for cold and flu, but also take time to understand why we develop symptoms and how we can shift our mindset around “getting sick”.

You’ll explore the stories you hold about “getting sick”, challenge old perspective, and try on some new ones. 


You’ll replace fear + distrust with empowerment + curiosity!


Why? Because…


I want new symptoms to excite you!


I want your kids (and their kids!) to say, “wow look how vital my body is!” as it moves through the stages of an acute.


I want you to remember that your body IS perfectly designed.

Beyond "sick" will take you there.


-Why we get cold + flu symptoms

-Why symptoms are important

-Your mindset around cold + flu symptoms

-Symptom causation + healing patterns

-When to intervene with remedies

-Common cold + flu remedies

-Dosage and potency

-How to manage acute symptoms

-Understanding remedy responses


Four weeks

60-90 min sessions

Thursday @ 7PM (CT)

Sept 7-28

$150 CAD

For home prescribers who know the Homeopathy basics!

The acute of today defines the health of tomorrow

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