Rise Up: Nourishing Your Child's Authenticity Through Human Design


This personalized, 10-minute HypNote gives you practical guidance on nourishing your child's authenticity according to their Human Design.


You’ll learn about their unique needs, how to best nurture their gifts, and how to teach them to trust in their inner authority. Best of all, you’ll be reminded of how incredible your little human is, even on the rough days.


Please ensure that you list your child's name & pronouns (so that I can refer to them in the audio) and the accurate birth time, date, and location (to pull their Human Design chart) when purchasing.

Rise Up Recording

  • HypNotes will be delivered by e-mail within 5-7 business days.

    Due to the personalized nature of this product, returns are not available. Please ensure your child's birth time, date, and location are correctly listed when purchasing. 

    If there is an issue with your HypNote, please contact Paula at hello@paulajeffrey.com