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Moving from Fear to Authenticity

This 26-minute guided hypnosis gives you space to explore the possibilities when you step into authenticity.


First, you will be guided into relaxation, allowing any tension to be released and the mind to settle. You will feel calm and relaxed.


Then we will move towards your happy place, a place of your creation, a place where you feel comfortable and safe. It may be in nature, it may be familiar, or it may be something else.


Then we get to the good stuff - we step out of the box of fear and limitations and explore what it would feel like to let go and step into authenticity. In this place you will feel expansive, open, ready to receive. You will be able to see all the possibilities in this wide open place, your perspective will change.

Whether you are in the midst of a "stuck" situation or you simply need a reminder of how to tap into your authentic nature - this hypnosis leaves you feeling powerful, capable, and inspired.

Prior to listening, focus and connect to any situations in your life where fear may be restricting your action.

Have your notebook nearby to jot down any inspiration that may flow from this space of authenticity and empowerment!


Get cozy and enjoy!

Moving from Fear to Authenticity

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