What happens when you see a homeopath?

Updated: Jul 28


Every appointment with me begins with you.

The consultation was what drew me to homeopathy because it was the first time my quiet pre-teen soul felt heard and cared for.

In the initial, you are given the floor to discuss your symptoms and explore the way they manifest in your unique body. None of that “1 problem per visit” or "5 minutes per person". You get the floor to discuss your symptoms.

Once the vault is emptied, we journey together and explore the deeper parts of those symptoms. I’ll ask you funny questions like “if that symptoms were a colour, what colour would it be?” and the ever famous “and what else about that?”. This is the time to get creative and curious.

From there we explore lifestyle, things like your diet and personality, and then I go to work to find a remedy that best matches your unique symptoms to help nudge your body back to balance.

The initial consult is important because it gives you airtime and gets you connected to your symptoms. Studies have shown that in trauma, simply writing down or sharing your story can improve your health and lessen your suffering.

The initial consult is important to me because it helps me understand how your mind body manifests disease uniquely.

My goal for this visit: for you to feel heard, inspired, connect, and authentically nourished and for me to get a snapshot of what health looks like for you.


Your first remedy: it has a funny name and you probably want to google it (eek, try not to...that’s a rabbit hole!).

Here’s what should happen instead:

  • Read all the information I’ve sent you, then take your remedy as instructed.

  • Monitor any changes in your body, mind, soul, or life.

  • Share any major updates or questions with me via email.

The time between the initial and the first follow up is critical (which is why the first follow up is INCLUDED in your initial fee), it’s all about adjusting the dose to best fit your needs and sorting out what the body needs us to pay attention to. We want to watch for:

  • Symptoms improving (yay!)

  • Symptoms getting louder (yay! or shift focus)

  • New symptoms coming up (yay! or shift focus)

  • Nothing changing (dig deeper 😉)

Because these all tell us something important about what your body needs, and how the remedy is acting.

In homeopathy, your symptoms are the compass, you are the interpreter, and I’m here to help you navigate towards wellness!


It’s been one month since your first visit and you’re coming back to see me!

Maybe you are so excited for this appointment because so much has shifted, maybe you’re thinking “I don’t know what to tell her”, maybe you feel like things got worse and you don’t want to disappoint me.

Here’s the truth: So long as you take your remedy and show up, you are doing everything right!

The first follow up is crucial because it's where we CALIBRATE, and here’s how:

  • We assess what got better, worse, or didn’t change.

  • We identify how to adjust the remedy dosage to best promote healing.

  • We change remedies if needed.

  • We ensure your healing goal is still clear, or reframe it if it's changed.

  • We practice a little more hypnotherapy to get those stuck-states moving.

Most important:

  • We bring to light the shifts you didn’t even notice.

The majority of first follow ups include the phrase “Oh symptom X? hm. Totally forgot about that…”. That's normal, because as our new reality forms - it's easy to forget where we once were.

But the truth of the matter is: If ya don’t celebrate the wins, this whole healing thing gets reeeeal drab.

All of this is why your first follow up is included in your initial fee. So there's no rationalizing your way out of healing, so you commit to your healing needs, and so you are set up for success.

I help tired souls like yours find your truly authentic parts and make them shine. I help you connect to and heal your mindbody so that you can go out and live a life you love.


  • You want to feel better

  • You want to do the things your love without thinking twice

  • You want to see the best in yourself

  • You are ready to connect to your Mindbody

  • You’re ready to take back your health and ditch all the restriction

  • You are open to receive true, deep healing

  • You are committed to letting go, opening up, and being honest with yourself

If you’re ready to get back to living the life you life - FREE of restrictions and FULL of authenticity, let’s connect: Contact me or click here to learn more about working with me.

Let's get started!


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