Moving From Fear to Authenticity

Updated: Jul 28

Last week I was on a run and listening to a podcast when the words of the voice in my headphones hit me.

"In every moment you have a choice: choose stuck or choose growth"

Immediately, an energy came over me, like the camera zoomed in on my face and the whole world went quiet.

I ran home, grabbed some water, and stared at my Weiner dog as this concept of "choice" flowed through me.

"I need to put this somewhere", I thought.

I sat down at my desk, turned on my microphone, closed my eyes, and began to record this hypnosis.

Despite my traditional "plan it to death" practice, this hypnosis flowed from my soul straight into my computer without a thought.

A few days later, I came back to it, listened to it, and realized - this hypnosis is authentically me.


Authenticity. What is that for you? Who is that for you?

For me it's seeing the best in all, even when I want to protect myself with judgment.

It's creating connection, knowing that we are one.

It is calibrating to the goal - where do I want to be? Who do I want to be? How do I want to feel? How doyouwant to feel?

For me, authenticity is fearlessly honouring my art - my practice, my creations, my words, my prices, my education, my knowledge, myself.

Honouring, Nourishing, Connecting.

So this hypnosis reflects that. It flows out of my authentic self in order to speak to yours. 

It invites you to play with the idea of letting go of your box of fears.

  • What does the world outside of that box look like?

  • What does it feel like?

  • What is possible out in that world of authenticity?

I have listened to this day after day since recording it, using it to inspire my soul and to choose growth.

If you are feeling called towards authenticity, to nourishing that voice within, to let go of fears, to find and choose growth - I invite you to click here and purchase "Moving from Fear to Authenticity"...for the price of two artisan doughnuts ($8).

Listen to it when you are stuck, when you are tired, when you need direction, when you need connection, or just whenever you feel called to.

From fear to authenticity, you will feel: inspired, grounded, connected, clear, open, free.What else? You tell me, how do you want to feel?

If you can think it in your mind, it's already within your reach.

With authenticity, 


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