Meeting Your Wise Advocate

Trusting the voice of your inner self frees you of the chains of inauthenticity.

Tuning into inner knowing, whatyou need, can be difficult when so bombarded by the noise of the outer world.

Especially when you're a sensitive or highly empathic person.

Last week, I was feeling a little uncertain about my journey forward. I was getting caught up in the shoulds and the what ifs and the treachery of having so many ideas, yet not feeling confident about any of them.

So I paid a visit to my wise advocate.

Your wise advocate is a direct line into your unconscious mind. Your wise advocate might be a person, a being, an animal, or something in-between. It is a direct line to your inner self, your guide, or a good friend who tells you like it is.

My wise advocate as of late has been a Moose, but in the past, it has been a human I'd never met before, a loved one, and even a celebrity once.

I visit my wise advocate often as a self-hypnosis practice. Anytime I am stuck, lost, making a tough decision, or just need some guidance. Sometimes my wise advocate provides me with comfort, an answer to a question, a lesson, or something else entirely.

This time, I just wanted clarity. So down I went to my happy place, to meet my wise advocate.

Michael Moose was there, standing in the golden, field of wheat. The crop blowing in the wind as if it were the waves of the ocean, glistening in the glow of the late afternoon sun.

He was big, tall and quiet. His presence calming. I stepped in front of him as his broad antlers shielded my eyes from the sun.

I saw his big, dark eyes. Sort of cartoony in my mind, a curious creature, but still real, filled with stories and wisdom. 

I asked him simply, "Am I on the right path?"

He laughed. A deep, old man chuckle, filled with compassion.

"You're always on the right path, you only have one".

A lightness moved over me, the corners of my mouth lifted.

A clarity like none other, in that moment it seemed so simple.

In the depths of my mind, this message silenced all of thosewhat ifsandshouldsand judgments and questionings.

We journeyed a little further together, and then I said, "till next time".

I opened my eyes feeling connected to an innate inner certainty. It wasn't about what I did next, it was about how I did it.

With openness, trusting the path, connected to my inner knowing.

And by letting go of the need to prove myself to others.

So I want to share this invaluable practice with you. Because when we trust our inner voice, we share authenticity - and authenticity heals the world.

Click here to purchase your Wise Advocate recording.

Along with the 18-minute recording, this hypnosis includes tips on how to best communicate with your wise advocate, ideas for what questions to ask, and journalling prompts for after your journey.

It can be repeated as often as you like and, with practice, will become a valuable self-hypnosis tool. As easy as closing your eyes and asking your question.

Your wise advocate is your friend. Your guide. Your partner.

Most of all, it's you.

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Copyright Paula Jeffrey 2020 | Photography by Kathryn Dyce