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Copyright Paula Jeffrey 2020 | Photography by Kathryn Dyce

Why Natural Deodorant?

Homeopathy with Paula is more than just homeopathy. Each visit with your Homeopath also involves looking at your lifestyle and what we call, "Obstacles to Cure". These may include dietary mishaps, lack of exercise, a toxic relationship, an allergen in your home. There are also obstacles that may be a little less simple to find, that may simply be hindering your health; like personal care products. 

For example; aluminum, found in Antiperspirants and some Commercial Deodorants, is absorbed into the skin and then attaches to sweat glands to stop us from sweating. While this is a nice idea at first, we are made to sweat. Sweating is crucial in ridding waste from our body and for the simple task of cooling us down.


In my years working in health food stores, I was never able to say with certainty that a deodorant would work for each person that came in. Everyone had different needs and each deodorant suited different people.

From radical irritation to smelly pits, there is no promise of success with natural deodorant. Repeated tests and trials are the only way to find what works for you but is rather time (and financially) consuming. Why not let us do the testing for you?


Ginger Natural Deodorant takes the guess work out of it: take a quiz, try two samples, report back, and then get your perfect deodorant. If it doesn't suit you after a month - money back guarantee! 


Fill out the quiz and get started today!