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Where do I start?

1. Fill out the quiz

2. Complete your payment

3. Receive your first sample (2 week trial)

4. Complete an honest review of your deodorant

5. We will tweak your formula as needed and provide you with a second sample OR your full size deodorant.

6. Reorder as needed. Save $1 on refills by bringing back your jar!

How much does it cost?

Start up cost: $15 includes all sample formulas and one full size deodorant – which all lasts about 3 months, depending on use.

Refill cost: $11 per jar - $1 discount when you return your jar.

Shipping: FREE pick up within Winnipeg, or $10 flat rate shipping within Canada

There’s no risk associated with this investment! If we can’t solve your stink issues; money back, no problem!*

What is the "detox period"?

Some clients experience a detox period when transitioning to natural deodorant. This may include minor irritation, an armpit rash, and increase of sweat. This is all related to previous sweating habits. Typically this will subside on its own as your body gets used to sweating again. However, if you do experience a rash, let us know! Very few of our clients experience a harsh detox period and our goal is to keep you irritation free.​

how do I use this stuff?

Our go to format for deodorant is a cream, applied with the fingers. We promise you get used to touching your pits. We love cream application because it comes in reusable glass jars (for the earth), you use less per application so it lasts longer, and it's compact! 

*Money back guarantee within 30 days of first sample

What do you currently use for body odour protection?
How much of a problem is body odour for you?
In general, do you have sensitive skin?
Have you ever experienced irritation from a deodorant? (Natural or otherwise)
How many days per week do you sweat?